Square Enix has again been spamming my email with new press releases and stuff from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII while I have been on holiday. How lovely! Screenshots, info, artwork… Let’s get to the point!

Like we know, Lightning will have many different kinds of outfits and variations of them in Lightning Returns. Different costumes will have exclusive abilities that boost your attacks and skills. Today we are introducing the new outfit, Magician’s Suit, that will have abilities such as thunder, fire, blizzard and poison. The first look to the garb we got from the Japan Expo stage demo.

Last week, we also got a new trailer called “13 Days” and new screenshots from Comic Con. The shots are introducing the new coliseum of the game where Lightning can challenge powerful monsters and receive rare items as rewards by beating monsters. Other screenshots are from different areas of Yusnaan. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Lightning Returns: Magician’s Suit, Coliseum and Yusnaan Screenshots

  1. Military time.Oh and from vids and stuff has anyone else seen the other mage type costume? Or like from the japan expo vid?

        1. Lol! Actually, speaking of Snow, I wonder if he knows anything about Lumina (however, the trailers seem to imply only Light can see her). Either way, any scene with the three of them involved will certainly be interesting!

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