5 thoughts on “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom Demo [WILDLANDS]

  1. Yah I saw that money amount to (I think they’ve been playing the game a little to much XD). I though I noticed that kain highwind outfit (at least it looked like it). I’m still waiting for the US special edition article and then no more spoilers from LR news. =) =) ;)

    1. Anything Dragoon/Dark Knight i love :3 – mt favourite class and designs :D
      Yeah i gotta stop soon on checking in on LR news haha – think i will after TGS :)

  2. 1.8 Million gil? – thats a hefty amount to have :p
    ahh so you have a stamina gauge just like in Zelda Skyward Swords – always found running useful
    Is that some Dragoon/Dark Knight costume? :0
    and at the end – the red and white costume – Red Mage?

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