Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out now in North America! To celebrate the launch of the game, Square Enix has released Lightning Returns themed goodies for the fans who want to upgrade and style up their Xbox avatars!

There are several outfits available: Your avatar can wear Lightning, Lumina, Yeul, Snow, Caius or Noel’s outfits. Each outfit is sold for $3,99/£3.19/€3.99. Note that only male avatars can wear Snow, Caius or Noel’s outfit, and female avatars Lumina, Yeul and Lightning’s outfits. There are also t-shirts available for $0.99/£0.79/€0.99

Square Enix also released a few avatar items such as Moogle, Cactuar, Lightning’s Sword and shield. Check out the stores for more details:

European Xbox Store – North American Xbox Store

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