Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call | Spin-Off – Sequel Tracklist

Square Enix has updated 
the official Japanese Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call website. The latest update contains even more samples, and an updated version of the tracklist. Now they have revealed tracks coming from Final Fantasy spin-offs and sequels such as Lightning Returns, FFVII: Advent Children, FFX-2 and Dissidia.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be out in Japan on 24th April. The western release timing remains unknown.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Mystic Quest Legend) 

  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)

Final Fantasy Tactics 

  • Trisection (BMS)
  • Antipyretic (BMS)
  • Ultema The Nice Body (BMS)
  • Prologue Movie (FMS)
  • Bland Logo ~ Title Back (EMS)

Final Fantasy X-2 

  • Yuripa, Fight! No. 1 (BMS)
  • “Let Me Blow You a Kiss.” (BMS)
  • Their Resting Place (BMS)
  • The Farplane Abyss (FMS)
  • We’re the Gullwings! (FMS)
  • 1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix) (EMS)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 

  • Monsters’ Dance ~Rondo~ (BMS)
  • Unite, Descent (BMS)
  • This Is The End For You! (BMS) (de FFCC: The Crystal Bearers)
  • Kaze no ne (FMS)
  • Across the Divide (FMS)
  • Moonless Starry Night (EMS)

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children 

  • Let the Battles Begin! (Piano Version) (BMS)
  • Divinity II (BMS)
  • J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC Version) (BMS)
  • Cloud Smiles (FMS)
  • Advent: One-Winged Angel (EMS)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 

  • Encounter (BMS)
  • The SOLDIER Way (BMS)
  • The Price of Freedom (BMS)
  • Timely Ambush (from FFVII “Let the Battles Begin!”) (FMS)
  • A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII “Aerith’s Theme”) (FMS)
  • CRISIS CORE Theme – Succession (EMS)

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon 

  • Theme of Dungeon Hero X (BMS)
  • Raffaello Battle (BMS)
  • Guardian of Darkness 2 (BMS)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy 

  • The Troops’ Advance (BMS)
  • The Decisive Battle – arrange – (BMS)
  • DISSIDIA – ending – (BMS)
  • Keeping the Peace (FMS)

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy 

  • Cantata Mortis (BMS)
  • Gate to the Rift (FMS)
  • Lux Concordiae (EMS)

Final Fantasy Type-0 

  • War: Warrior Worth a Thousand (BMS)
  • War: The White Weapon (BMS)
  • Vermilion Fire (BMS)
  • We Have Come (EMS)
  • The Earth Under Our Feet (FMS)
  • Soar (FMS)
  • Tempus Finis (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 

  • The Last Hunter (BMS)
  • Etro’s Champion (BMS)
  • Heart of Chaos (BMS)
  • Historia Crux (FMS)
  • Groovy Chocobo (FMS)
  • Eclipse (FMS)
  • Noel’s Theme – Final Journey – (FMS)
  • Warrior Goddess (EMS)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 

  • Crimson Blitz (BMS)
  • Chaos (BMS)
  • Lightning Returns (BMS)
  • The Glittering City of Yusnaan (FMS)
  • The Dead Dunes (FMS)
  • Savior of Souls (EMS)

Thanks to our French friends at FFWorld for making the original translation. 

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Happy Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Day! The Launch Trailer Is Out Now!

Happy Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Launch Day! Square Enix Japan has uploaded the Japanese launch trailer to celebrate the release of the game! Are you ready to step in the world of Eorzea and face new challenges!?

Remember if you own the PS3 version of the game, you can update it for free to the PS4 version. Here is our guide how it happens.

Tetsuya Nomura Sketches Lightning Returns DeviantArt Contest Winners


Quite some time ago Square Enix launched a DeviantArt contest on designing a garb for Lightning in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIThree winners were personally chosen by Tetsuya Nomura himself, and today Square Enix revealed his very own sketches of the winners’ designs! What an honor! View them all close-up below.

Mythril Scorpion Armor

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 3.47.01 PM


Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 3.46.55 PM

Forbidden Gateway

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 3.46.42 PM



Final Fantasy XIV PS3 -> PS4 Upgrade Campaign Details & Guide | Play Today!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released for PlayStation 4 next week, making it to be the first new-gen Final Fantasy release! As promised, all PlayStation 3 owners can upgrade their previous client to PlayStation 4 one for FREE. Note that you will lose access to the PlayStation 3 version once you have completed the upgrade. Once upgraded, you gain an early access and you can start to play it TODAY!


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  1. Upgrading should not be confused with registering a PlayStation®4 license in addition to the PlayStation®3 version. After upgrading, you will no longer be able to access FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn using your PlayStation®3.
  2. Upon completing the upgrade process, a PlayStation®4 system will be required to play FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.
  3. Please note that after completion, the upgrade process cannot be undone.
  4. Users must first register the PlayStation®3 version to their FINAL FANTASY XIV service account before upgrading.
  5. All FINAL FANTASY XIV service account data including characters and in-game items will be carried over upon upgrading to the PlayStation®4 version.
  6. * Users will also have the option to transfer macro and hotbar settings from the PlayStation®3 version.
  7. (
  8. Users who wish to play using both the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 are required to purchase the PlayStation®4 version separately.


1. Please proceed to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station to begin the upgrade process. (

2. Log in and you will see “PlayStation 4 Upgrade” if you own PlayStation 3 version of the game. Click it.

3. Now you will see additional information. Accept the terms and press “next”.

4. Now you see a reminder what the upgrading means to your service account. After upgrading, you cannot go back to use the PS3 client.

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