Square Enix Producers Will Be Present In Today’s PS4 Launch Event In Japan

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer and director Naoki Yoshida, and Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 producer Shinji Hashimoto will be present in today’s PS4 launch event in Japan. It is not certain yet if new footage will be showcased, but tune in through this livestream (CURRENTLY LIVE): Ustream

Keep your eyes peeled for possible SE news and updates from this event!

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A Closer Look at Magma Red & Wave Blue Dualshock 4 Controllers

psThe release of PlayStation 4 is only a few weeks away and we got many news to tell you about it before it’s out for sale. Today, we’re getting a closer look at newly-announced DualShock 4 controllers, Magma Red and Wave Blue. These special colored controllers will be available alongside PlayStation 4 when it launches on November 11th in North America / November 29th in Europe / February 22nd in Japan.

What do you think about these special colors? In my opinion, I would have loved to see a white controller. Perhaps later?

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Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and Xbox One

Today, Square Enix announced at their private “The Future of Final Fantasy” -event that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will be both released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.  New details were also shared from both titles.


  • Looks like it will be more male focused game but Square Enix will follow fans’ feedback.
  • It felt natural to bring the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as long as Final Fantasy XIII and XI were already released for both consoles.
  • The game will be very action based and less RPG. They feel that the new direction fits better to XV. Every FF is different, right?
  • Releasing sequels for XV is possible because the universe of the game is huge.
  • The main staff of Versus didn’t change significantly after changing the title number and moving to the next-gen development.
  • In new trailer Noctis is swimming underwater in the leviathan battle scene.
  • The city looks like a modern city with Venetian like architecture.
  • Stealth will likely be included in the game like in Lightning Returns.
  • The combat is very similar to Kingdom Hearts.

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Kingdom Hearts III:

  • Sora is now more mature and will go off on a brand new adveture with Donad, Goofy and Mickey.
  • New Disney worlds will be included.
  • Disney is super excited about the third part.
  • Will keep the tradition of the series: delivering amazing stories and gameplay to fans.
  • Being developed by the team in Osaka – 1.5 & BBS team – Not Nomura’s.

Thanks to our friend site, RPGSite, for all the great details and information from the E3 event we couldn’t participate in!