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Square Portal is one of the leading Square Enix news sites in the world. We provide the latest news on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Thief, Murdered, Hitman and other Square Enix games. Also starting in 2014, we will be making coverage with reviews and streams of non-Square Enix titles.

We are not related to Square Enix. We are an independent fan/news site.

Alongside providing the latest news, articles, previews and reviews, Square Portal’s motto is to provide a negativity and hatred free community where everyone is welcomed. To promote the online kindness, we have launched “Don’t Spread Hate, Be a Moogle” antibullying campaign. Perhaps we can’t change the whole internet but at least one community can provide something nice for everyone!

Square Portal has become more popular over the years and the speed doesn’t seem to slow down! Now we have launched our very special Final Fantasy XIII fan project,  The Thirteenth Farewell, where fans get to share their thoughts and love for the developers and people behind the Final Fantasy XIII saga.

We hope you enjoy your time here and get useful and interesting information. Hopefully, you will make new friends as well!


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  1. A lot of us know the pain of dealing with all the negativity and hate. Seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing it anymore. Good for you for sticking through it and making an awesome site dedicated to those that love the FF/XIII franchises and other Square goodness. :3

  2. Whoa…I was thirteen when I fell in love with FFXIII…I can’t believe you’re running this site by yourself! And it’s one of the biggest out there! Holy crap, THAT is impressive! Way to rise above the bar of the haters and create this awesome site! :D

  3. Awesome! ^_^
    My first FF game was FFX – so been an avid fan for about 13/14 yrs now xD – ive almost played them all now haha :3
    I actually liked FF13 – visually looked amazing and the designs were beautiful! – people only complained about it because there were no towns, it was linear – so no exploring until chapter 11, the type of characters etc. – very picky :/ – tbh this didnt bother me at all – i didnt actually notice these ‘flaws’ until i saw the complaints – then i understood why – but these people generally kept comparing it to previous FF games – on its own FF13 is a good game :l – its sad that it gets so much hate :l

    • My first Final Fantasy game was… Final Fantasy. My only complaint about FFXIII is that it is way too linear. Lack of basic sandbox abilities kills the game for many hardcore RPGers.

      • Awesome! – the original or the remake? :p – i have the remake on the PSP along with FF2 one aswell – i wanna get the Original at some point to try it out :)
        Fair enough – i take it as it comes and i like how each FF is different – isnt the same thing over again and it makes them all unique, and stand out from one another :p

        • The original for nes. I still have it. Think I was around 14 or so when I played the first one. The second one, which was actually part 4 in Japan., was the sole reason for beggingg my parents for a snes.

          • Oh cool
            Wish i knew about FF back then – wasnt until 2000 when i found FFX in my brothers room that i discovered the series – now one of my favs :)
            I havent played 5, 8, 9, Chronicles, the Chocobo games and the onlines ones yet (11 and 14) – im slowly getting there though :)

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