Everything You Need to Know about PlayStation 4

“Gaming Experiences and Completely New Ways to Play” Earlier this week in New York, Sony introduced their next-gen gaming console, PlayStation 4. This time PlayStation is focusing on powerful graphics, speed, great gameplay, innovations, personalization, new OS, social networking, cloud technology and the system ecosystem. PS4 will be available in the end of the year for… Read More

New Final Fantasy Announced for PlayStation 4

Square Enix announced at PS4 event that they are developing a new Final Fantasy game for PlayStation 4. They also showed us the Agni’s Philosophy demo which made us wonder that are they going to use it for Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It was promised that there will be new information about this new title… Read More

New Agni’s Philosophy Videos Are Showing How Square Enix’s Next-Gen Engine Works

Japanese, 4Gamer, has uploaded new Agni’s Philosophy videos which are showing more deeply how the next-gen engine from Square Enix works in real time. These videos show interesting footage how the games are made, how the development works and how graphics will be evolving from this gen when the next-gen game consoles arrive.

Square Enix Announces Japan Expo Schedule

Square Enix has announced  that it will have special presentations and guests at Japan Expo in France this year. Square Enix and Nintendo Conference: “10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts” – Shinji Hashimoto, executive producer, and Yoko Shimomura, composer of the series, will celebrate ten years of Kingdom Hearts series by being on the Video Games stage… Read More