Square Enix Easter Eggs 2013 Edition

ffxi-easter-epl-405Happy Easter everyone!

As you may know, in some countries it’s a tradition to hunt the hidden Easter Eggs. This has inspired us with today’s article which will be about Easter Eggs that are hidden in the games. They are often very challenging to find but funny and sometimes very meaningful to the developers. This article may include some small spoilers but nothing seriously big!

Final-Fantasy-13-2-cgi-fmv-screenshots0079FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – PRAY FOR JAPAN

This is maybe one of the hardest easter eggs to find from Final Fantasy XIII-2. In the cutscene where the yellow lines emerge from the chaos and try to grap Lightning, is written in them “PRAY FOR JAPAN” with FFXIII alphabets. They were added in them after the Earthquake happened in Japan back in 2011.
prayforjapan1868032-2011_08_23_00030DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION (PS3/XBOX360/WII U)

While exploring the building, assassinating people and hacking computers & doors you might have found something interesting from one office! Like you can see it’s FINAL FANTASY XXVII (27) poster! Is Square Enix already teasing about their 27th Final Fantasy game!? Hah, maybe not!

screen284by5fr1Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Lazard is browsing Youtube and watching a video on Sephiroth – or maybe it’s just one of our commercial?!


Were you more stubborn than a grumpy mule? Yes? Then you may know what this is about! In the very beginning of Final Fantasy IX the characters are planning to kidnap the princess and the leader asks you do what you need to do. If you don’t get it right even after 60 times of trying, you will get a surprising answer!

FF4Developers_Room_(Sakaguchi)FINAL FANTASY IV

Developer’s Office is a secret location in games set in the world of Final Fantasy IV. The Developer’s Office is populated by different characters that represent the development team of the game. By talking to them, you will get information on their role in the game’s development and fight against them in special battles.


Who said there couldn’t be funny Easter Eggs in movies as well? The team of the Spirit Within hid a very Michael Jackson inspired surprise in bonus DVDs… THRILLER!

6306_10151480481967221_432400560_nNow we have come to the end of this article and here are all Easter Eggs we found! How many have you found? Share your favorite game/movie Easter Eggs on comments! Happy Easter for everyone!

Thanks Jeremie for your help!

First Look to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Figure!

lightning3Square Enix has shared a brand new picture of  upcoming Lightning play arts figure where she is wearing her Savior outfit . According to Hidemi Matsuzuka the figure is still in prototype stage and has been quite difficult to develop. However the new figure is looking awesome and we’re looking forward to see the final version! Here are some pictures of older Lightning figures.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Announced and Available Tomorrow!

Kuvankaappaus 2013-1-16 kello 14.27.56Yesterday Square Enix opened a new Final Fantasy themed teaser site and today the surprised was revealed – FINAL FANTASY: ALL THE BRAVEST for iOS. FF:ATB is a brand new touch-action RPG and will be available for download tomorrow (Jan 17) on iTunes. Read the official description below.

mzl.gzrcavhw.320x480-75FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST—A pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles!

■The Active Time Battle System is back with the largest parties in FINAL FANTASY history!

FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST is a touch-action RPG in which you continuously battle enemies to advance through the game’s many stages. Defeating foes earns you the experience points you need to level up, which in turns grants you character slots to add more and more members to your party.

Combat is based on the classic Active Time Battle (ATB) system of the FINAL FANTASY series. Every character possesses an ATB gauge that displays the time remaining until that character can execute an action. When the gauge is full, simply tap or drag your finger over the character to attack. Touch multiple characters in quick succession to experience exhilarating and fast-paced battle unlike anything you’ve ever played before!

Once every three hours, the Fever option will appear. Once activated, you will be able to attack without waiting for ATB gauges to refill as long as the chocobo-themed music is playing. Deal as much damage as you can before the battle fever ends!

mzl.ntfmpiuw.320x480-75■Characters, enemies, and music from throughout the FINAL FANTASY series!
Progress through the game to unlock over 20 different classic jobs, including warrior, monk, red mage, and more! Each job brings its own special abilities to the battleground, where you will encounter timeless FINAL FANTASY foes such as behemoths, bombs, and cactuars. At the end of each stage waits a harrowing encounter with a fiendish FINAL FANTASY boss!

The game’s musical library comes packed with over 30 songs from the series, the majority of which are themes from battle. The perfect soundtrack to listen to as your crush your enemies and see them driven before you!

mzl.xndusqkm.320x480-75■Track your collection of every character, enemy, and item with in-game catalogs!
The game’s three catalogs will keep a record of every character that joins your ranks, every enemy you encounter, and every item you obtain. Collect them all and open the catalogs to flip through the nostalgia whenever you like!

■Take part in leaderboards and social networking features!
Global leaderboards will rank players based on stats such as the amount of damage dealt in the course of a single Fever. You will also be able to track progress and other feats using the game’s achievement system. Social networking features allow you to post directly to Facebook and Twitter, and reward you for doing so by granting additional member slots. Post and tweet away to increase the size of your party for battle!

mzl.ztszlscz.320x480-75■Purchase premium characters and new game worlds!
The in-game shop offers access to 35 famous characters from a number of FINAL FANTASY titles. Each purchase ensures you will receive a new, random character. Which powerful favorites will you have join your party? You are also able to purchase additional game stages from FINAL FANTASY VII, X, and XIII. Board airships bound for new worlds where further adventures await!


mzl.eiqkmcsx.320x480-75Boom! Last week, Square Enix opened a new Theatrhythm teaser site and now they have revealed their big surprise! THEATRHYTHM: Final Fantasy for iPhones, iPod Touches & iPads! The app is free and comes with thirteen characters and two songs. Each song costs 0,89€, character 1,79€ and bundles 2,69$/€. Check out the official iTunes site from here!

EDIT: Seems like the app isn’t yet available worldwide but it should be available everywhere later today.

mzl.aejbkoul.320x480-75-1 mzl.cqeysvef.320x480-75 mzl.aejbkoul.320x480-75 mzl.evldzbwd.320x480-75

North American Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC Schedule Detailed for August! (No Type-0 Music)

Square Enix NA has released their Theatrhythm DLC schedule for August. No Type-0 song added this month. Every song is set to 0,99$. European DLC schedule is different to American and it’s not yet revealed.

August 2, 2012

1. “Movement in Green” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “March of the Dreadnoughts” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)
3. “Gustaberg” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “The Crystal Tower” (FINAL FANTASY III)

August 9, 2012

1. “Battle Theme” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Dalmasca Estersand” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Darkness of Eternity” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “This is the Last Battle” (FINAL FANTASY III)

August 16, 2012
1. “Challenge” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Desperate Fight” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Battle 2” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)

August 23, 2012

1. “Otherworld” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “Battle 1” (FINAL FANTASY V)

August 30, 2012

1. “Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Boss Battle” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Dark City Treno” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Decisive Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)


UPDATED: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Downloadable Content Schedule for July Released!

UPDATE: European and North American DLC Schedules seem to be different. We will be updating DLC dates for EUROPE later. You can see European DLC plans for July 12 below.

Square Enix NA has announced its Theatrhythm DLC Schedule for July. Like in Japan, they will be releasing new songs every week. The pricing for songs are £0.90/ €1.00/0,99$ and they are available for download at 3DS’ eShop.

Take a look to schedule below:

 July 12, 2012: North American

1. “Somnus” (FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII)
2. “Desperate Struggle” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)
3. “Sarutabaruta” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “Battle” (FINAL FANTASY VI)


1.Final Fantasy I – Matoya’s Cave (FMS)
2.Final Fantasy III – Battle 1 (BMS)
3.Final Fantasy V – The Final Battle (BMS)
4.Final Fantasy XIII – Archytte Steppe (FMS)

July 19, 2012

1. “Fight On!” (FINAL FANTASY VII)
2. “Etro’s Champion” (FINAL FANTASY XIII-2)
3. “Battle Theme” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “Battle 1” (FINAL FANTASY III)

July 26, 2012
1. “A contest of Aeons” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Archylte Steppe” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)
3. “The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “Crystal Cave” (FINAL FANTASY III)