Controversial, Groundbreaking and Iconic – Claire Farron from Final Fantasy XIII

“Lightning. It flashes bright, then fades away. It can’t protect, it only destroys.” The new tale of the crystal started in 2006 when Square Enix revealed their most ambitious project yet – “Fabula Nova Crystallis” – which consist of three titles: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The idea… Read More

Important: Square Portal Re-Launches Their Facebook Page

At first, we would like to thank you all who have been supporting us over the years. We hope you will be joining us on this new account as well. You can also find us on Twitter. Today, we are announcing the re-launch of Square Portal Facebook page. Previously, we have been using “Final Fantasy… Read More

Final Fantasy XV: A Correction on the Character Change System Report

We have always valued reports / articles / analysis with truthful and reliable information, and we have been producing them for years. This is why we have decided to address this correction on an individual post instead of silently updating the older article. Last week, we reported there might be a character change system where you can seamlessly… Read More

All-in-One Final Fantasy XV Article: Five Interviews And Tons of New Information

During Tokyo Game Show 2014, one of the biggest announcements was a new director for Final Fantasy XV. Now that Tetsuya Nomura has moved from the project to Kingdom Hearts III, Hajime Tabata has taken the role as the main director of Final Fantasy XV. If you didn’t already know, Hajime Tabata has a long history of… Read More

MdRadio Returns – Nomura Comes To Spill Final Fantasy XV / Kingdom Hearts III News?

UPDATE: Nothing new was revealed during the podcast. The developers just discussed about the new Play Arts Kai lineup and other merchandise related topics. MdRadio will be returning soon, and the host and the merchandising manager of Square Enix Japan, Hidemi Matsuzuka, will be making a podcast with his special guests, Ichiro Hazama (Theatrhythm producer)… Read More

Interview: Final Fantasy XV is Highly Prioritized and Far into Development – Kingdom Hearts III Follows

In the latest interview with, Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the series, has revealed new information about the state of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. At E3 2013, both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III were revealed for next-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After that both titles have been keeping… Read More

Yoko Shimomura’s New 25th Anniversary Album “Memória” Announced

Square Enix has announced a new album coming from Yoko Shimomura (The composer of Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy XV). The new album is called “Memória” and it contains music by Shimomura from her past career. The release of the record is set  to happen on 26th March, 2014. As “Memória” will be a 25th… Read More