Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


Here Are The Last Screens Of Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~ Tracer Of Memories ~

The final chapters of the online released novel Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~ Tracer of Memories ~ came out with new screens featuring Caius Ballad and Lightning. The online novel features events between Lightning Returns’ ending and epilogue, depicting the new lives of the main characters. There has been no word yet […]

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Acquire The Helter Skelter Garb In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII For Free, Unlock Another Garb In The Next Outerworld Challenge

Congratulations everyone! We’ve unlocked the Helter Skelter garb for free (which is very expensive in-game) through achieving the goal of making enough Outerworld posts for the first challenge. See it in action below (via Square Enix Europe): To acquire it in the game, make sure that you turn on your […]


Here Are Some New Lightning Returns Screens

We have less than a month until the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII! Jump in the hype train and check out this new batch of screens Square Enix just released. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due to come out in February 11th in North America and February 14th in Europe.


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