Square Enix × Sony Game Production Seminar Announced – Final Fantasy XIII Saga Presentation Detailed

Square Enix and Sony have announced they will be arranging a game production seminar in Japan this summer. The seminar is targeted for both new and experienced game developers, and during the event they will be learning more about the cutscene production, softwares and techniques the biggest studios of Japan are using at the moment.

As said, Square Enix will be holding their own presentation, which will be focusing on the Final Fantasy XIII saga cutscene production. Yosuke Tanaka, who was in charge of Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII cutscenes, will be taking the stage to explain more about the workflow behind the game production.

For now, it seems there aren’t any streams planned for the event, but it’s quite likely the Japanese game press will be making coverage about it. Square Enix × Sony Game Production Seminar will be held in Tokyo on 26th July, 2014.

Visit the official website from here.

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Interview: Square Portal Talks with Language about Their New Music and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

We’re very honored to finally release our special interview with Language! The band consists of Kaori (Vocal), Yosuke Kakegawa (Guitar/Computer) and Naoyuki Honzama (Bass/Computer). You may know them from their earlier music, but also from “Ouroboros Festival” song in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. As our very own Johnny sat down with Language, they discussed: Who are Language, what’s up with their new music and how did working on Lightning Returns feel.

Meanwhile reading this interview, I highly recommend pressing play from the Red Single player, which is located in the sidebar! 

Johnny: What does ”Language” mean?

We named our band “Language” because it’s something essential to communicate
with someone including yourself inside even if it’s unspoken or unwritten. We like this idea. (Yosuke)

Johnny: How did you end up working together?

We met each other through recording projects in which three of us were involved a decade ago, then worked together on a few one-off programmes. And we finally decided to form the band in 2009. (Kaori)

Johnny: What do you try to reach with your music in general? What’s your message?

We would like people to feel our music first, rather than interpret what we meant. (Kaori)

It would be nice if we could share our feelings or impression about this world with our listeners, since we all are on the same train. I feel there should be admiration rather than just a message in the song. It”s like a feeling “I can’t believe that we are living in this world”. (Yosuke)


This Spring, Language is releasing brand new music from the RGB Series. The first part of the series, the Red Single, is out now worldwide, and you can buy it from here. More new music is coming as soon as this month, so let’s talk about what’s coming and what kind of release the RGB Series actually is! 

Johnny: So, what’s the concept of the RGB Series?

It’s a series of three digital single releases which consists of Red Single, Green Single and Blue Single, six tracks in total. (Yosuke)

Johnny: What’s the new direction?

Maybe it’s a sort of rebound from our previous album, to start using more synthesizers? (Kaori)

On the RGB Series, we wanted to feature classic synthesizer sounds from late 70’s and 80’s fused into modern tracks. Particular synth sounds have been attracting us lately, so we have planned to release some singles to present our intuition immediately via some download sites. (Yosuke)

Johnny: How do Red, Green and Blue singles differ from each other?

The tracks on the Red Single concern some sort of literary-ish matters, like “existence”, and the Green Single is more about smaller feelings in everyday life. We are still working on the Blue one at the moment. (Yosuke)


Johnny: Talking about Red Single, can you explain more about Silencia and Soft Moment? What are they about?

There could be two mysterious feelings when you experience the uncertainty of reality. One could be the confusion in Silencia and the other one could be the pleasure in Soft Moment. The lyrics were set like quotations from a journal written by an unknown person. (Yosuke)

Johnny: What’s the biggest difference between your past work (Magure and Northern Lights, for example) and RGB Series?

The biggest difference is that the RGB series is a project based on releasing singles, which is a first for us. But it might not be as different from our past albums as we initially thought because we planned to release them three months in a row. It feels like we are working on an EP or a mini album, contents-wise. Since it is the first time we are doing these download-only releases, it obviously affects us more. Releasing singles at a fast pace should be a good aspect as well. (Yosuke)

Johnny: Has your past work taught you anything that helped when creating the RGB Series?

Yes, we think the RGB series is an extension of our past works, contextually. Though, we want to keep being open-minded for new things at the same time. (Yosuke)

Johnny: What are you future plans with the RGB Series? Touring? New music videos?

We are planning to make the live recording movies of Green and Blue single as well and playing some gigs to promote the tracks on RGB Series in May and June. (Yosuke)



Last year, Language collaborated with Mitsuto Suzuki on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack. Together they created a song called “Ouroboros Festival”. Let’s take a look behind the scenes and how did the recording and production sessions go!

Johnny: How did you and Mitsuto Suzuki end up working together?

We have known each other for a long time. He was my first musician friend at the music production company, where I, he, and Yosuke belonged. (Naoyuki)

Johnny: How did you feel, working together on that project?

It was exciting! We visited his office and watched the highly confidential movie, which was still in production, to catch up with the project. (Naoyuki)

Johnny: How did the production and recording of the song go?

We worked as remixer, but Language is a band, so we tried to add our own taste to the track, including Kaori’s vocal and its melody lines, which Mitsuto expected as well. We played and recorded southern Asian percussions as well, because he asked us if we could blend an ethnic atmosphere into our music when he came over to our studio. After we had recorded the final track, which was the vocal part, we went out to celebrate it together. (Naoyuki)

Johnny: Did it differ from your own music production?

Yes in a way, and it was fun and refreshing to collaborate with other musicians we like. (Yosuke)

Johnny: Would you like to be featured in the upcoming Final Fantasy games?

Yes, we would. (Naoyuki)

Why not? I would be excited to sing in the track for beautiful visuals like this time.
It’s kind of a rare experience, too. I was so glad when I watched the result. (Kaori)

JohnnyThank you so much for the interview, Language! As a closing, do you have any regards you would like to send for our readers?

We’ve received lots of warm messages from the readers of Square Portal thanks to the opportunity we had to work on Lightning Returns. Thank you guys so much! And thank you so much, Johnny at Square Portal, for your strong support! It would be wonderful, if you guys enjoyed our music in the game and hopefully our own releases as well! (Kaori)

Domo arigato! (All)

Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Won “Excellence” Awards at Famitsu Awards 2013


This week, the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu arranged their own “Famitsu Award 2013″ show where they rewarded the best games of 2013. It was no surprise Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn were both nominated alongside other successful titles such as The Last of Us and Monster Hunter 4.

While Monster Hunter 4 managed to snatch the game of the year award, both Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn received “Excellence” awards from the “general” category. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn also won an additional “Excellence” rewards from PC/Mobile category, making it the best PC game of the year, according to Famitsu.

It’s rather crazy and amazing to see such a great recognition given to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We aren’t only talking about these awards, but the good reception it received from the fans and critics in general. And the fact, the very first version of Final Fantasy XIV was pretty much a huge failure, makes this even more awesome. It’s great to see that fans’ feedback really hit Square Enix, who decided to rebuild the game from the very beginning and release it again. That’s something insane and nearly impossible, not all game companies would be ready to do or could even deliver.

As we saw last Fall, Final Fantasy XIV was revived in style and rise like a phoenix from the ashes by gaining great sales and good review scores. And the success of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues as Square Enix just announced the game has over 2 000 000 subscribers / players worldwide! This is a great example and lesson in life that after a failure you shouldn’t immediately give up even though others may doubt you. Listening to feedback, believing in yourself and focusing on things you are good at, can lead to amazing results.

Don’t you think that it’s a good time to jump in one of the coolest MMOs around, and experience how a true Final Fantasy multiplayer game feels like? Especially, when you can use PS4’s party chat to communicate with your friends during the gameplay!

Language’s Red Single Premiere | Listen Now | Out 23rd April

Language’s Red Single will be finally out tomorrow! To celebrate the upcoming release, the band has released a live session music video for both songs on the single album. Now you can get a full experience of “Silencia” and “Soft Moments”! Please, enjoy!

The Red Single is the first release of Language‘s RGSeries“, which consist of six tracks released in three digital single albums: Red, Green and Blue.  ‘Green Single‘ and ‘Blue Single‘ will be out late May and June 2014. The Red Single will be available on BandCamp and iTunes!

Many people were introduced with Language’s music while playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  One of their songs was Ouroboros Festival, which is played in Yusnaan during the night time. However, they have released music before such as Northern Lights and Magure albums. Magure is available on iTunes. Remember that Red Single will be out tomorrow!

IMERUAT’s New Album “Propelled Life” Is Now Available on iTunes!

IMERUAT IS FINALLY BACK! Masashi Hamauzu (FINAL FANTASY XIII ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK COMPOSER) and Mina’s band has made a comeback with a brand new album called “Propelled Life” which is out now – Worldwide!

IMERUAT’s new album is now available on iTunes! You can download “Propelled Life” for €5.94/$5.94/£4.74! Search “Imeruat” from iTunes or  you can use links below that should get you to the right iTunes page!

The physical version which contains a special book will be released soon too!

Ealier this year, IMERUAT released a music video for “TeNiOE“. It was directed by  Shoko Takada and it’s now available on YouTube. They have also released a new music video for another song from the new album, Propelled Life. Watch IMERUAT CALISTHENICS No.4 TOKACHI Version music video below!

Last year, Imeruat also worked on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack and as collaboration they created a song called “Crimson Blitz” that was used in the very first trailer and later part of the official soundtrack. Masashi Hamauzu was the main composer for Final Fantasy XIII and worked with Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lighting Returns Original Soundtracks! Mina Sakai is the singer for the “Sulyya Springs”, “Will to Fight”, and “Gapra Whitewood” tracks from Final Fantasy XIII.



The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Lightning

The Thirteenth Farewell project is doing awesomely, thanks to you! There is still a month left until the project hits its deadlines, so remember to send your letters before the end. If you don’t know what this project is about, please read more about it hereespecially, if you liked the Final Fantasy XIII series and want to send your regards for the developers. 

Like with earlier character pages, this time we are asking: “What is the best thing about Lightning?” All participants are also part of the special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

Earlier Character Pages:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus Now Available on iTunes

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack has been released in Japan but surprisingly it’s already available WORLDWIDE via iTunes. The additional soundtrack contains 25 new songs that weren’t included in the original 4CD release.


Buy Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST+  for €8.99/$9.99 from iTunes! If you haven’t already bought the full soundtrack which contains over 70 songs, it’s also available for €15.99/$19.99!

Pre-orders for the physical version of the soundtrack plus will be available soon on Square Enix Stores!

Participate in The Thirteenth Farewell and Win EPIC Lightning Returns Prizes

Square Portal and Namco Bandai Nordic Partners are happy to reveal their special Lightning Returns giveaway as a part of The Thirteenth Farewell!

Everyone who sends their Final Fantasy XIII saga inspired “thank you” messages, art, cosplay or videos for The Thirteenth Farewell participates in the giveaway. The Thirteenth Farewell is a fan project where we are building a book containing thank you letters etc. from the fans of the FFXIII saga for the team behind the game. And the prizes?

A lucky participant will win a Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII poster signed by the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and the lead game designer, Yuji Abe.

One lucky participant will win Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Play Arts figurine!

So now there’s another reason to participate in this awesome project! If you want to send more pics and other big files, please email them to us as an attached file. Email your arts etc. to squareportal(a)outlook.com ! [a=@] You can also fill the contact form below.



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST Plus Tracklist and New Samples Revealed

The official website of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus was updated during the weekend with the full Japanese tracklist and ten new samples including a few main character themes. You can read our translation for the songs below and listen to the new samples as well.

lostThe official English tracklist should be available soon since Square Enix Europe and North America are going to open pre-orders for the album during April. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Plus is set to be out in Japan on 26th March.

  1. Lightning Returns – Special Trailer Ver. -
  2. High Voltage – Game Ver. -
  3. The Captive Saint
  4. Sazh and Dajh – Complete Mix -
  5. Death Game – Synthesizer Ver. -
  6. Desert Lullaby – Instrumental -
  7. Snow’s Theme – Final Words – – Complete Mix -
  8. The Doomed Soul – Caius and Yeul -
  9. The World Is Ending Soon
  10. The Dead Dunes – Live Edit Ver. -
  11. The Ark – Soundtrack Exclusive Ver. -
  12. Serah’s Theme – Piano Ver. -
  13. Soul Seeds
  14. Lightning Returns – Aggressive Mix -
  15. Succession of Demons
  16. FINAL FANTASY – Yusnaan Ver. -
  17. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes Japanese Ver. -
  18. Clash on the Big Bridge – Yusnaan Ver. -
  19. Terra’s Theme  ~Biggs & Wedge Ver.~
  20. A Place to Call Home
  21. Traveler’s Ballad
  22. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes English Ver. -
  23. The Savior’s Words – Japanese Ver. -
  24. The Savior’s Words ~Christmas in Nova Chrysalia~
  25. Inn

Thank you Honey J for the help on translating the tracklist!

Lightning Returns Challenge #2 Completed! Here Is the Next One!

Great job people! We have posted enough Outerworld posts and thus unlocked a brand new garb for Lightning! The new garb is called Duelist which is a defensive garb that greatly increases the wearer’s maximum HP.


To unlock the outfit you have to turn Outerworld Services on and find a NPC with “LRFFXIII” name and title “Outerworld Challenge #2″. By talking to it, you will unlock the outfit, and find it from the Rewards Barter Shop. Earlier unlocked Helter Skelter and Duelist will be available until May 7.(It can be challenging to find the right NPC but you will hopefully meet him during the gameplay.)


This time we need to reach a total of 300 000 Outerworld post to unlock another garb! The new garb is called “La Fouldre” and it greatly increases Lightning’s Magic abilities.  The outfit can be unlocked in-game by playing New Game+ on Hard mode BUT WHO WOULDN’T LOVE AN EARLY UNLOCK! Snap snap snap!


Final Fantasy Go There Special Interview Report: Lightning Returns, Dissidia Sequel, Theatrhythm, Final Fantasy XIV, Chrono Trigger & More!

bannerSquare Enix Members Japan made a Final Fantasy Go There Special Interview with Kitase Yoshinori, Toriyama Motomu, Yoshida Naoki & Hazama Ichirou. In this interview, which we translated,  the developers talked about Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy XIV, Theatrhythm, possibility of Dissidia sequel and much more!

When talking about Lightning Returns, the interviewer asked about collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV and the reasoning behind it: “How did come up with idea of Lightning having a Miqo’te outfit in the first place and becoming the head of  “FF Go There” campaign?”

Kitase states: “When planning the launch of Lightning Returns with Toriyama, we wondered where and how we could promote Lightning. We came up with a plan called “Million Lightnings”. This way we also wanted to cheer up the new Eorzea.” (Final Fantay XIV relaunch)

“Ah that explains the FATE events near the launch of LRFFXIII!”

“Yes, and that’s how Lightning ended up having a Miqo’te outfit, which turned out to be quite popular as well. However, some people thought that victory pose was perhaps too sexy.(laughs)

If you wear Miqo’te garb in Lightning Returns, animals such as cats will come around you. Programmers’ must have put effort on that.

“Is that so!?”  – Kitase

“I didn’t even know about this! (laughs)!”  -Toriyama

“There are conversations  between non-playable characters which players can hear while wearing the miqo’te garb. People may wonder is Lightning the legendary Miqo’te from Eorzea.”
- Kitase

Toriyama explains: “In the world of Lightning Returns, Eorzea is just a fairy tale for people, and you can hear them talking about it.”

In the end of Lightning Returns discussion, Kitase adds that both teams were excited about working together instead of being “rivals”.


“We’re finally getting Final Fantasy XIV songs for Theatrhythm!”
- Yoshida Naoki

Hazama Ichirou explains the development of the new Thetrhythm game: “Well, at the beginning of the development I wanted try a collaboration with Final Fantasy Brigade but I didn’t have much experience of social games. So I approached Yoshida on Final Fantasy XIV music.”

At first I thought it would be music from the old Final Fantasy XIV.

“There will be 200 songs in Theatrhythm: FFCC?”

“Yes, we have doubled the capacity of the software since the game contains so many songs. I’m also eager to do downloadable content in the future to increase the amount of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn music in the game.”
-Hazama Ichirou

Interviewer jokingly asks Hazama Ichirou how did he lose to Kitase and Yoshida  on the battle mode of Theathythm at the Tokyo Games Show 2013.

“To be honest, I lost to Kitase because I got a bit careless but even thought I did some practice, I lost to Yoshida as well (laughs)” 

“And I thought it was part of the presentation! (laughs)”
After this shocking revelation between developers, they talked about the controls of the game and does button controls take advance over traditional pen controls. Without getting a decision,  Kitase added he still prefers pen controls over buttons.

Hazama Ichirou has earlier stated that Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call might be the last game in the series, and he tells this again. When asked what is he  going to do next, Ichirou wondered if he could push the boundaries of Theatrhythm series anymore. He also hopes to develop something different in the future.



“There was a strong launch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Have you been playing it?”

“I haven’t had much time since I have been working on Lightning Returns but I did buy the downloadable version for PS3, and I’m playing it.”

Kitase has been playing  the game as well. He adds that it’s even fun on solo play as well. In his opinion the introduction was well done in the game. Yoshida is pleased to hear this since they reworked the beginning of the game.

However, Toriyama thinks that there are quite many quests in the beginning of the game but it didn’t stop him playing since the tempo  of the game was great. When getting criticized by the amount of quests, Yoshida explains that players can go their adventures but the game will be a lot more difficult that way.  As a story-driven MMO, it’s essential to complete main quests to level up your characters.


“I was most impressed by Final Fantasy VI”

“The first Final Fantasy games on Nintendo. (NES)”

“Final Fantasy V. I can’t forget playing two and half hours in the last dungeon when I was trying to save the game after opening  a treasure chest and a god dragon attacked me. I wanted to pull off the cartridge by force from rage. (laughs)”

“Oh, it isn’t uncommon to feel frustrated by Final Fantasy V? It  feels quite the same as Final Fantasy III. (laughs)”

As they continued speaking about the difficult of older Final Fantasies, the interviewer asked what was Toriyama’s first Final Fantasy game.

“Well I did play Final Fantasy IV before joining to Square but… to tell the truth I wasn’t so much into Final Fantasy. (laughs)”

“What!?”(laughs) – Everyone

“Has Mr. Yoshida been playing Final Fantasy XIII saga?”

“I’m in the middle of Final Fantasy XIII-2 but (Final Fantasy) MMORPGs have taken most of my time.”


Surprisingly when talking about the future of Final Fantasy, the interviewer made a question about the possibility of a new Dissidia game. (Is there something happening behind the scenes since the end of 2014 is pretty empty for Square Enix… Dissidia sequel? HD remaster?)

“Are there any new updates on Dissidia series?”

“I want to make a new Dissidia and people who worked on the previous titles always tell me they want to make a new one.

“There are people who haven’t played (many) numbered Final Fantasy  games and got to know with the characters by playing Dissidia. In other hand, Theatrhythm introduces them the music from the previous entries of Final Fantasy series.”

“I sometimes ask from people “What’s your favorite Final Fantasy?”, and without any experience of mainline Final Fantasy games they answer “Dissidia”. It’s surprsingly popular.”

Yoshida states that the same has happened to him with Dragon Quest games when children have not been familiar with the earlier entries of the series. This allows them to create a diverse community with different kinds of people from age to age. Dissidia series also brings these people together. Kitase adds that Dissidia and Theatrhythm are good games for new fans to get into the series but also very suitable for others as well.



“The Sky is the limit!” (laughs)

“Will there be some sort of collaboration?  Perhaps on Final Fantasy XIV: (A Realm Reborn)?”

“I wonder how long Final Fantasy XIV will be running… I don’t know at all! (laughs)”

“At the time you (Yoshida) told  us that Final Fantasy XIV would be running at least ten years!”

“Final Fantasy XIV will be going 10 years, of course, but I wonder how long I can stay active!” (laughs)

“Would you like to make a stand-alone Final Fantasy game instead of online next?”

I might if there’s a desire from the company or players, but without knowing that I would like to!


“It has been a hot topic recently that a sequel for Chrono Trigger is not happening. Why not? There is also 20th anniversary coming!”

When asked about possible Chrono Trigger sequel, Kitase states that it’s quite a big hurdle. Toriyama adds that they would need to contact Horii (DQ producer) and Sakaguchi (ex-CEO) if they wanted to make it.  To sum up, Yoshida says that it seems quite unlikely at the moment.

Interview in Japanese on Square Enix Members Japan

The First Lightning Returns Online Challenge Launched! Let’s Unlock a New Garb Together!

Lightning Returns Team has launched its first Outerworld challenge! There will be four challenges coming in upcoming weeks, each lasting two weeks. In these next two weeks our mission is to share 100 000 Outerworld posts in total and we will unlock the Helter Skelter Garb for everyone! Now it’s good time to finally turn on the Outerworld services and start sharing screenshots/messages!

The official message:

Outerworld Challenge #1 update, 20:00GMT LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is out now!

For those already playing, have you used outerworld yet? Outerworld lets players post screenshots to Facebook, and Twitter from within the game. Posts that you make can be “called in” by your friends on Facebook, to be sure to appear in their game. This is handy to ensure sharing of any items you may be looking for! That’s not all – there are four Outerworld challenges to complete (each lasting two weeks) which will unlock unique garbs for Lightning. Challenge #1 starts now: make a total of 100,000 Outerworld posts and we’ll unlock the Helter Skelter Garb for everyone!

The European Launch Trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The world is sinking into a sea of chaos, and in thirteen days, nothing will remain. After centuries in crystal stasis, a hero has awoken – a legendary warrior on a god-given mission to save the souls of mankind.

Her name: Lightning.

Blessed with incredible strength and an arsenal of new weapons, she has everything she needs for the coming battle. Everything except time. And now she must make impossible choices…

How will you spend your final days?

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is out now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – WORLDWIDE.

PlayStation 3: http://sqex.to/PS3
Xbox 360: http://sqex.to/Xbox360

GET THE FACEBOOK APP: http://sqex.to/NRZ


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Custom Themes Now Available on PlayStation Store

Square Enix has released brand new Lightning Return: Final Fantasy XIII Custom Themes on PlayStation Store! For now, it seems that these themes are exclusive to European PlayStation store. Don’t worry our dear American readers, there’s also one free theme available on North American store.

themesEach theme can be purchased for €1.45. There are five themes in total: Lumina, Lightning, Key art, Logo and Hope ones.

The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Fang

It has come time to launch another project related to The Thirteenth Farewell. This time we are collecting your thoughts on all Final Fantasy XIII main characters and why do you love them.

Today, it is FANG’s turn. Simply post your thoughts on comments or fill the contact form, and tell us what is the best thing about her.

All participants are also part of our special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

We will also collect all your social media posts on her as well part of this project!

The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Vanille

It has come time to launch another project related to The Thirteenth Farewell. This time we are collecting your thoughts on all Final Fantasy XIII main characters and why do you love them.

Today, we start with VANILLE. Simply post your thoughts on comments or fill the contact form, and tell us what is the best thing about her.

All participants are also part of our special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

We will also collect all your social media posts on her as well part of this project!

Lightning to Get Lara Croft’s Gear in Launch Day DLC – Trailer & Screenshots

Lara Garb Stills 28_1391604453For the first time ever the worlds of FINAL FANTASY and TOMB RAIDER unite with Lara Croft DLC for LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII.

Today Square Enix announced a very special Lara Croft downloadable content (DLC) set for LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII, available to download from launch (14th February 2014) via the in-game stores, PlayStation®Store and the Xbox Games Store.

Lara Garb Stills 07_1391604452
The DLC, a wardrobe staple for any avid adventurer, will include Lara Croft’s unmistakable gear, as made famous in the TOMB RAIDER game released in 2013, and TOMB RAIDER: DEFINITIVE EDITION released earlier this year. In addition to the gear, players will also receive the exclusive Survivor’s Axe and Riot Shield to help them during battle.

Lara_Garb_Stills_2_ 02_1391604453

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is released in Europe and PAL territories on 14th February 2014 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

A playable demo of the game for is now available for download on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.