Interview: Square Portal Talks with Language about Their New Music and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

We’re very honored to finally release our special interview with Language! The band consists of Kaori (Vocal), Yosuke Kakegawa (Guitar/Computer) and Naoyuki Honzama (Bass/Computer). You may know them from their earlier music, but also from “Ouroboros Festival” song in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. As our very own Johnny […]


Final Fantasy Go There Special Interview Report: Lightning Returns, Dissidia Sequel, Theatrhythm, Final Fantasy XIV, Chrono Trigger & More!

Square Enix Members Japan made a Final Fantasy Go There Special Interview with Kitase Yoshinori, Toriyama Motomu, Yoshida Naoki & Hazama Ichirou. In this interview, which we translated,  the developers talked about Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy XIV, Theatrhythm, possibility of Dissidia sequel and much more! LIGHTNING RETURNS x […]


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