IMERUAT’s New Album “Propelled Life” Is Now Available on iTunes!

IMERUAT IS FINALLY BACK! Masashi Hamauzu (FINAL FANTASY XIII ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK COMPOSER) and Mina’s band has made a comeback with a brand new album called “Propelled Life” which is out now – Worldwide!

IMERUAT’s new album is now available on iTunes! You can download “Propelled Life” for €5.94/$5.94/£4.74! Search “Imeruat” from iTunes or  you can use links below that should get you to the right iTunes page!

The physical version which contains a special book will be released soon too!

Ealier this year, IMERUAT released a music video for “TeNiOE“. It was directed by  Shoko Takada and it’s now available on YouTube. They have also released a new music video for another song from the new album, Propelled Life. Watch IMERUAT CALISTHENICS No.4 TOKACHI Version music video below!

Last year, Imeruat also worked on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack and as collaboration they created a song called “Crimson Blitz” that was used in the very first trailer and later part of the official soundtrack. Masashi Hamauzu was the main composer for Final Fantasy XIII and worked with Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lighting Returns Original Soundtracks! Mina Sakai is the singer for the “Sulyya Springs”, “Will to Fight”, and “Gapra Whitewood” tracks from Final Fantasy XIII.



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The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Lightning

The Thirteenth Farewell project is doing awesomely, thanks to you! There is still a month left until the project hits its deadlines, so remember to send your letters before the end. If you don’t know what this project is about, please read more about it hereespecially, if you liked the Final Fantasy XIII series and want to send your regards for the developers. 

Like with earlier character pages, this time we are asking: “What is the best thing about Lightning?” All participants are also part of the special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

Earlier Character Pages:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus Now Available on iTunes

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack has been released in Japan but surprisingly it’s already available WORLDWIDE via iTunes. The additional soundtrack contains 25 new songs that weren’t included in the original 4CD release.


Buy Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST+  for €8.99/$9.99 from iTunes! If you haven’t already bought the full soundtrack which contains over 70 songs, it’s also available for €15.99/$19.99!

Pre-orders for the physical version of the soundtrack plus will be available soon on Square Enix Stores!

Participate in The Thirteenth Farewell and Win EPIC Lightning Returns Prizes

Square Portal and Namco Bandai Nordic Partners are happy to reveal their special Lightning Returns giveaway as a part of The Thirteenth Farewell!

Everyone who sends their Final Fantasy XIII saga inspired “thank you” messages, art, cosplay or videos for The Thirteenth Farewell participates in the giveaway. The Thirteenth Farewell is a fan project where we are building a book containing thank you letters etc. from the fans of the FFXIII saga for the team behind the game. And the prizes?

A lucky participant will win a Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII poster signed by the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and the lead game designer, Yuji Abe.

One lucky participant will win Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Play Arts figurine!

So now there’s another reason to participate in this awesome project! If you want to send more pics and other big files, please email them to us as an attached file. Email your arts etc. to squareportal(a) ! [a=@] You can also fill the contact form below.



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST Plus Tracklist and New Samples Revealed

The official website of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus was updated during the weekend with the full Japanese tracklist and ten new samples including a few main character themes. You can read our translation for the songs below and listen to the new samples as well.

lostThe official English tracklist should be available soon since Square Enix Europe and North America are going to open pre-orders for the album during April. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Plus is set to be out in Japan on 26th March.

  1. Lightning Returns – Special Trailer Ver. -
  2. High Voltage – Game Ver. -
  3. The Captive Saint
  4. Sazh and Dajh – Complete Mix -
  5. Death Game – Synthesizer Ver. -
  6. Desert Lullaby – Instrumental -
  7. Snow’s Theme – Final Words – - Complete Mix -
  8. The Doomed Soul – Caius and Yeul -
  9. The World Is Ending Soon
  10. The Dead Dunes – Live Edit Ver. -
  11. The Ark – Soundtrack Exclusive Ver. -
  12. Serah’s Theme – Piano Ver. -
  13. Soul Seeds
  14. Lightning Returns – Aggressive Mix -
  15. Succession of Demons
  16. FINAL FANTASY – Yusnaan Ver. -
  17. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes Japanese Ver. -
  18. Clash on the Big Bridge – Yusnaan Ver. -
  19. Terra’s Theme  ~Biggs & Wedge Ver.~
  20. A Place to Call Home
  21. Traveler’s Ballad
  22. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes English Ver. -
  23. The Savior’s Words – Japanese Ver. -
  24. The Savior’s Words ~Christmas in Nova Chrysalia~
  25. Inn

Thank you Honey J for the help on translating the tracklist!