Square Enix × Sony Game Production Seminar Announced – Final Fantasy XIII Saga Presentation Detailed

Square Enix and Sony have announced they will be arranging a game production seminar in Japan this summer. The seminar is targeted for both new and experienced game developers, and during the event they will be learning more about the cutscene production, softwares and techniques the biggest studios […]

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E3 2014 | Schedule & Streams [Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo]

SONY GameSpot: GameTrailers: IGN: Ustream: Twitch: MICROSOFT On your Xbox On Spike TV Or with the Windows Phone app GameTrailers: Twitch: NINTENDO  US: JP: EU:…14-891073.html YouTube (JP): Twitch: Source


This Is How PS4 User Interface Looks Like

A brand new gallery of PlayStation 4 images have been sent for the internet, showing the new user interface of the console. In this screenshots you can see how much Sony focuses on sharing, social integration,  video streaming, screenshot taking and PlayStation App. The design and specifications aren’t final […]


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