Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Alpha Gameplay Clip Spotted From Dev Documentary!

Earlier today, Square Enix Japan uploaded a new Lightning Returns development documentary video which was showing a video footage from the studio of developer team. Luckily, we were lucky enough to spot a new alpha gameplay clip from the video footage which was uploaded to Youtube. (See video below) This new clip was showing the new clock system, a big map and two new characters with Lightning who seemed to be holding a new sword on her back.

Note: This just is an alpha gameplay clip, so the area, characters and their  designs aren’t final.


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  1. Yeah, that’s a magic visual effect. It looks like they’re testing the frames/animation on it, it’s unlikely it has anything to do with the Styles system. I’m curious to see how graphic-heavy the Styles customization menu will be, though.

  2. what was that video at 0:18? remind me of “James and the Giant Peach” Oo xDDD
    no seriously maybe they are using that video for inspiration.

  3. I can see why they’re neglecting to show us any gameplay footage since it’s still in the Alpha phase but I hope they at least show us her new design soon! And btw I think the sword on her back might be her XIII-2 one.

  4. im guessing the gauge at the bottom will increase when you win back time during battles or quests – and when it fills itll either add a day or a few hours to the clock just slightly above it or itll act like an hourglass for that day in game – itll decrease and increase all the time – interested to see more :)

    • I’m pretty sure the gauge at the bottom is the ATB gauge. Although you can set up skills per buttons, it was never mention that you could use them freely. I have the theory that the battle system will be an upgraded version of FFXIII’s Original battle system, which was heavily modified to produce what we saw in the final game.

      • ah yeah that is a good suggestion but that would mean itll be on show all the time as from the screenshot she isnt in battle – but then again they might just have it up for test runs with various things so you never know :)

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