February 2017: Exclusive & Early Access Content for Patreons

Exclusive Rewards for Our Supporters

This week we launched our own Patreon to offer you a chance to support our site and receive exclusive rewards. As promised for our Adventurer, Hero and Legacy patrons, we are bringing them exclusive and early access content starting this month. Here’s a list what’s coming this month exclusively for our Patrons. If you want to view these contents at their release later this month, become a Patron!

Exclusive interview with Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida
> Designing Alexander Raid
> PvP Content in Final Fantasy XIV
> General Talk about the game and its future

Exclusive Interview with Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Director  Takeshi Nozue
> Creating the movie
> Final Fantasy References and more

Exclusive 30th Anniversary Talk with Naoki Yoshida & Takeshi Nozue
> How does it feel?

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Live Reporting from Final Fantasy XIV: FanFest
> New Announcments
> Pictures
> Inside Stories

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Updates about the new Square Portal
> Progress
> Polls
> Your Wishes Features

Preview for Horizon: Zero Dawn
> We played Sony’s upcoming RPG before the release and this is what we thought!

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