The Thirteenth Farewell

Thirteen days before the finale.
Thirteen days until the last journey.
Thirteen days until the last farewell.

For a perfect reading experience, please turn music on.

It’s thirteen days until the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and the time has come to finally reveal our very special Final Fantasy XIII fan project. It’s something which hasn’t been done ever before. It’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in contact with people who worked on the Final Fantasy XIII saga. Let me introduce  “The Thirteenth Farewell”.

March 27th, 2010 @ 00:30:24


We, Square Portal, I have always loved the Final Fantasy XIII saga from the bottom of my heart. The story, atmosphere, characters, music, world – everything. This has led me to have some sort of eagerness to tell about my gratefulness and enthusiasms to the developers and team behind the games. Especially since it’s no lie that the series has faced problems and negativity during the past years. Behind the product are individual humans similar to us. I want to let them to know their work still receives a lot of love, and just like many other fans it influenced my life and made me the person I am today.

It’s the positivity, hope and love which keeps us going – the thought of better days, which also played a big part in the ideology of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. To overcome the impossible. To overcome others’ expectations. To overcome yourself. This is the idea behind The Thirteen Farewell project as well. We want to make what was once impossible, possible.


I have always wanted to share my thoughts to Final Fantasy XIII developers but never got a chance. This was due to the long distance to the events and bad financial situation – perhaps even the language barrier. I planned to write a letter and an article about my feelings and experiences, hoping that someday my thoughts would reach the developers. But realistically-speaking it just wasn’t possible. How could they possibly read or see it?

So I started to think. A few months ago,  I finally came up with an idea.  The Thirteenth Farewell – an ultimate Final Fantasy XIII fan project that unites the fans of Final Fantasy XIII saga to deliver a message of love and passion to the team. Our final thanks. The final farewell.


The idea is to create a huge “Thank You” book [.PDF] filled with letters, art and other works from the fans of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. I have been preparing and discussing about this with Square Enix for a while, and it looks like we will be able to send the book to the developers! How incredible is that! This is something that wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t unite. But the project isn’t ready yet. We need the community. The fans. YOU, to create the contents for the book.


Are you eager to express your thanks to the team behind the Final Fantasy XIII saga? It can be done in many ways:

  • By writing a text, in which you tell about your relationship with the game. For example, you can write about: how it has been a part of your life, did you felt about music and art, did you meet new people or even friends along the way. The most important thing is to tell them what you feel about the saga. Please, mainly focus on FFXIII x love x passion. (in English)
  • By creating art. Have you drawn/painted/etc. cool pictures of Final Fantasy XIII games and characters? Now is your chance to share them with the developers.
  • By taking pictures. Share pictures of your collection, cosplay outfits, dolls you have made by yourself, anything that’s Final Fantasy XIII related.
  • Other ways. How else could you show and express your love towards Lightning and friends in this book? Share your ideas on the comments section.

All work must be sent before the 30th of April to or the contact-form below. With emails, title your email “The Thirteenth Farewell” and include all contents in one email.

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  1. Thank you so much for this once in a great while opportunity! I have so much to say, but didn’t want to make it too long. But just at least wanted to give my thanks and encouragement to the team. And that’s what I did.

  2. Hi!
    Is it still possible to send the artwork on April 30th? (An unexpected family issue happened from these past few days and I couldnt work properly, it affected me because of it…) I really love FFXIII, I’ve been a fan and I supported the game from the beginning that’s why I really wanted to give this fanart :( I know I kinda sound selfish, sorry.. but I hope I still have a chance to send it. Please respond, thank you so much!

  3. Hey, I was hoping you would let me know if/when you receive my submission. My name here is in my e-mail. Thanks, and thank you for doing this.

  4. Hey, I sent an email that links you to my email’s OneDrive containing the word document as my final farewell. I was wondering if you have received it and that it works? Thank you

    • Hey! There aren’t notification messages but I’ve received your messages. I will always contact the participant if his/her files aren’t working. :)

  5. For now, it doesn’t seem likely since the book contains very personal messages from people, and we’re not completely sure do everyone want them shared in public. The answer for now is no, sadly. But we will but it under consideration but it would demand emailing to everyone and asking their permission.

  6. Hello!

    I would just like to ask if all the participants will be getting a copy of the thank you book .pdf? As I would definitely love a copy for myself.
    Sorry if this question has already been asked.

  7. The series was amazing; I was drawn to this from the first time I played a Final Fantasy game. It was “Dissidia 012 Duodecim” and that were I was introduced to “Lightning” and then I was interested to see how this character is about and I was hooked on the FFXIII series ever since.

  8. So for adding pictures. Do I just add a link within the box above? Like a ‘Direct Link’? I’ll be using imgur, and there’s two options for E-Mail. One says ‘Link’ and the other is ‘Direct Link’. I just want to be sure so I don’t add them the wrong way, only for them to be un-veiwable, hahah. And again, I do all this within the message box provided above, right?

  9. Hello. I have taken a look around a couple of times and I thought I should muster up some courage do participate in this, since I do have a lot I wanted to say and express as well. I am still pretty new around here though so I MIGHT have gotten confused. I wrote my message and I submitted it. However, wrote it right here:

    Is it the same thing or did I do something wrong? I apologize for the inconvenience, I am still not used to this and this is my first participation in these sorts of things.

      • Thank you for clearing this up for me, I appreciate it. I was pretty nervous while doing this to be honest. Like I said, it’s the first time I actually participated in something like this because I usually…watch from afar, so to speak. Thanks again.

  10. So I’m not late. Thank God.
    Done, already sent. I’m sorry if my english not so good. If there are words that needed to be correct, please edit :)
    Once again thanks Square Portal :)

  11. I really want to participate but I’ve never used email, well except to confirmation for twitter and stuff like that. For sending email I haven’t done it. Well for compose and stuff I understand a bit. Could you tell me a bit how? One other thing, can I send from my Gmail account?
    Sorry if my english not so good.
    Thanks :)

    • Does you message contain anything else than a text letter? The easiest way is to fill the contact-form in the beginning of the post and paste your text there. :)

    • Wait, did I late? I didn’t see that March 22nd. Can I send this now or it has been send to Square Enix already? I’m confused.

      • It’s just an update when we added the giveaway to be part of this project.

        “All work must be sent before the 30th of April to or the contact-form below. With emails, title your email “The Thirteenth Farewell” and include all contents in one email.”

  12. Hi everybody how are you i want to take part of the project i have so much about this saga and it change my life :-) and i will tell everything that comes with the game also ask them about otherds rpg game that i wish to sere the light one day im so into this :p

  13. I’m definitely going to participate in this project!!! :) Will it be possible for us to be able to see this project when it’s finished?

  14. Hi, I did an artworks long long ago… sorry if i speak wrong English… I’m from Argentina :3… anyway can I send two pieces of artwork from FFXIII in one e-mail?

    Please tell me when you receive the e-mail…
    If you want to see more of my works go to my page in deviantart!
    And thank you for the opportunity to all of us to demonstrate the love and affection we all have for this wonderful and epic saga directly through our art :D

    Square Portal Edit: Yes, we did.

  15. “For a perfect reading experience, please turn music on.”

    Alright, whatever…

    I was almost crying while reading your farewell post, damn you all!
    I will definitely do something for this project. Don’t know what, but I will.

    Daniele (Milan, Italy)

  16. Hello. I think that this project is a spectacular idea. I really love the XIII Series and I enjoyed every game that makes it up. I’m sort of in a dilemma at the moment. My computer is down, and all I have to work with is my phone. Would it be possible for me to write how I feel about this saga in the body of my email account and send it to you? Or will that not work? An answer would be greatly appreciated! :)

  17. Is there any chance to have a digital version as well? It’d be nice to see what all other fans have to share as well :3

  18. I will participate too… :’-)
    Final Fantasy XIII changed my life….Litterally.
    We will finish this project, and it will be spetacular!

      • Thanks man this is pretty amazing what your doing! I love this series with a passion and me and my friend are ready to submit to this. I hope all goes well with this! Thanks for the creation

  19. I am having issues with my email, so Im going to leave my text contribution here.

    SQPR EDIT: Thank you for entry! It has been now added to our list. Hided the text in case you find it too personal etc. :)

    P.S I have noticed some typos so if someone could address these before you out it in the book, you will have my thanks and your awesome.

  20. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done for us. For bringing us the most utterly and truly magnificent story, the most emotionally touching characters, the most unspeakably beautiful world I have ever seen. I have fallen in love with every second of my time on Gran Pulse and I simply wouldn’t be me without it. Thank you so, so much.

  21. I’d love to take part in this! I’ve no idea what to do though! :O
    I’m pretty much in love with Final Fantasy, but XIII has been the most influential of them all on me; and not just for the emotions roller coaster that have taken me on a wild ride these past few years!! xD

    It’s hard to believe that I share the first name of one of my greatest heroines in video games. And we’re the same age too!*

    *(referring to the first game, of course) xD

  22. I’ll make a a guitar cover of some of the most memorable songs from the 13 games and release it when the game comes out. :) So excited. It comes out for me the day after my birthday. (I’m gunna bug ebGames to give me my copy on my birthday instead of waiting until the next day lol) Sad it’s ending, but excited to see the conclusion. Definitely my favourite games story-wise. If you have any songs in mind you definitely would want me to do in the guitar cover/medley, let me know which song or songs. :P

  23. I want to write a little something and I will take photos of the merchandise I have to show the love and passion I have for this saga :D

  24. Amazing Thing to do here Its just so so Sad to see this being the final of the XIII Series tbh i think its the best Series there is in Final fantasy it will be a very hard time saying goodbye

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