Final Fantasy XIV

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer Livestream | Part XIV [Patch 2.3] *Recap Added*

The fourteenth Final Fantasy XIV livestream event will be starting in less than 1o minutes! [GMT 11.00] This time the letter from the producer will be covering Patch 2.3 content and we get the first look at the new primal, dungeons and features. One of the brand new dungeons is called “Hullbreaker Isle” and in addition to that, hard versions of “Tam-Tara Deepcroft” and “Stone Vigil” will be introduced. Alongside these things, we will be getting new information about “Daily Hunts” and “Item Desynthesis”, a a feature that allows players to break down unwanted items to reclaim crafting materials from them.

The stream is hosted by the lead designer, Takeo Suzuki, and he will be answering to questions as well.

E: We have added a recap with details and pictures to the comments section.

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  1. Thank you all who joined to watch the livestream with us! In the end of stream, Yoshida revealed that they will be having big announcements at E3!

  2. When can we start to see an update within the Grand Company rankings? When are we going to be able to rank up higher than second lieutenant?

    • Nothing was mentioned about it during the livestream. For now, Second Lieutunant remains as the highest rank you can reach. Perhaps, there will be updates with Patch 2.4. :)

      • Fingers are crossed hoping for being able to rank up higher in the grand company later! :) thank you for the answers and looking forward to the next letter live!

        • No problem! I’m always happy to help! The next live letter will be at E3, and they have planned new reveals there, according to Yoshida! :)

  3. Fans’ questions and developers’ answers so far! Translation by Bayohne.

    Q1: What will be required to progress with the Saga of the Zodiac quest?

    A1: You will be able to progress with the quest as long as you have an Animus version of the Zodiac weapon.

    Q2: When will we be able to customize the stats on the Zodiac weapons?
    A2: It will be possible to start customizing with the Novus weapons.

    Q3: Are there any plans to make it easier to progress with the Saga of the Zodiac quest (i.e. increase FATE spawn rates, increase drop rate of Atma, decrease the number of Mythology tomestones to obtain books, etc.) in the future?
    A3: There are no immediate plans to make adjustments to the quest (2.28 and 2.3). However, we may make adjustments in the future.
    Furthermore, we do have plans to increase the number and location of Mythology tomestones obtained content in the near future so it will be easier to obtain books.

    Q4: What item level will the Novus weapons be?
    A4: Item level 110.

    Q5: Will the design or glow of the Novus weapons change?
    A5: Yes! We wanted to make them flashy and as such they will be different.

    Q6: The Trials of the Braves are supposed to be ancient texts that showcase the deeds of the Zodiac Brave heroes, but why are modern imperial weapons shown in the book?
    A6: The Trials of the Braves is an ancient text that was translated into a current Eorzea edition. Just as Jalzahn explains, it traces the deeds of the Zodiac Braves and if you put it into terms of Eorzea currently, it’s lore is similar to that monster…

    Q7: Will the hard and the extreme modes of the Ramuh fight be implemented at the same time?
    A7: Yes, both fights will be implemented at the same time!

    Q8: What will the Ramuh fight be like? Will there be any mechanics like the Titan and Leviathan fights where players can fall out of the battlefield?
    A8: It’s a secret!

    Q9: During the main scenario, it mentions that Ramuh is a guardian deity, and even if he was summoned again, as long as you do not disturb the Sylph’s territory then you should have no fear of being hit by his lightning. So why will we end up needing to fight him?
    A9: Explaining this in detail will naturally be a huge story spoiler, so please be sure to play through the main scenario to find out why Ramuh has been summoned and why the Scions of the Seventh Dawn must do battle with him.

  4. The stream is having a pause now! Part 2 will be starting soon, in which Takeo Suzuki will be making an appearance to field graphic and art-related questions from gear, enemies, emotes, to hair styles and more.

  5. As mentioned earlier, “Tam-Tara Deepcroft” and “Stone Vigil” will be getting hard modes! These dungeons will have new layouts and enemies.

  6. Fantasia will be available for purchase! It allows you to change your character’s appearance. Will be available on Mogstation and delivered via Moogle Delivery System. More info later.

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