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Enter the Portal

Square Portal is one of the leading games industry news sites in the world, specialising in Japanese games. Since founding in 2013, Square Portal has reached approx. over 50 000 000 people through social media and the main portal. Fun fact, our content has been also enjoyed by visitors from all countries in the globe. It’s not only people who love us! We have been used as a source by huge sites like Wikipedia, Forbes, Polygon, Eurogamer, Gamespot, Kotaku, big communities on Reddit and NeoGaf, and thousands of streamers / video bloggers. In late 2016, Square Portal started developing a new platform with an expected release in early 2018.

Our Goal
Since the very start, our goal has been to producing wide range, high quality content with an insight in the games industry that you won’t find anywhere else. One of the biggest challenges in games journalism and the industry has been the lack of transparency and our goal is to tackle that issue. In the future, we are going to expand our coverage on new era lifestyle that has been enabled by the rise of internet culture and new technology.
Most importantly, we love our readers and fans! Thank you for the continuous support through the years!



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