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Square Portal is one of the leading Square Enix news sites in the world. We provide the latest news on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Nier, Dragon Quest, Hitman and many other Square Enix games. We also reviews of many other games in order to provide an open-minded look at what’s going on with the games industry.

Sometimes when we become very creative, we love to share our and the community’s art, music, videos and streams with our readers. That’s actually something what we will be focusing on more in the future. We are dreamers, gamers, journalists, fans, hippies, art geeks – pretty much everything – and that’s why Square Portal is a good place for you. It’s a home where everyone can be who they are and still find new friends, if they just give it a chance!

We are not related to Square Enix. We are an independent news site.

 What Makes Us Awesome?

  • We support and help people on social media, if they aren’t feeling well and need someone to talk with. It’s part of our “community support” program. Just send us a direct message on Facebook or Twitter and we will be helping you the best way as possible!
  • We provide diverse content from many areas: not just games, but music, merchandise, culture and art, for example.
  • We can’t really define what’s “Square Portal”, and that’s something what makes us ever-evolving and exciting for people.
  • We believe in more optimistic and healthier community that’s able to give meaningful and constructive feedback for the developers.
  • We produce exclusive and original content that’s main objective help the games industry grow and get more and more people involved.
  • We offer a new point of view from the traditional mainstream medias.