Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Outfit Trailer


This week, the first DLC pack arrived alongside Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo to Japanese PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace. The new DLC collection includes three different kinds of special outfits. Each of these “garbs” have unique abilities, special effects and poses. Take a look at the video below for the first look at what we should expect to have as DLC here in West once the game is out in the early 2014.

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  1. Also, I love her reaction during the Moogle victory pose, like “ooookay, my clothing is talking! Awkward!” I think her embarrassed expression is so cute! XD

  2. I love her third outfit. THAT’S what I picture when I think “warrior goddess.” ^_^

    Will it be possible to get that outfit, or is it strictly for the Japanese release?

  3. I cant take it when Lightning is scary….Especially with that 2nd’s abit over-loaded with gold and that mask makes you get the goos bumps .

    • Yeah, she looks like a nasty demon goddess you DON’T wanna cross! D:

      Kinda make you wonder what she would’ve ended up being if she had darkness trapped in her heart like Snow and the rest of them. I imagine she would’ve looked something like that, with an evil version of her warrior goddess attire in XIII-2.

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