A Closer Look at Roen x Final Fantasy XV Fashion

Square Enix and Roen have finally opened pre-orders for the official Final Fantasy XV clothing on the official website. These outfits are 100% authentic and releasing later this Fall. It’s great to see there are plenty detailed pictures of clothing – they will surely help everyone to create well detailed cosplay outfits in the future.


Noctis Military Blouson Z

Military jacket with various features. For a cleaner silhouette, the lining of the jacket is corded. Note the damage on the hem, leather pockets, original buckles, and original buttons that add stylish depth. The item has gone through a special process to add gloss, elegance, and functionality.

Noctis Military Cropped

With a variety of patterns, the item has three-dimensional features.
The used Katsuragi stretch fabric produces firmness and stress-free comfort.
The irregularly patterned fabric is also spray-processed for a more restrained look.

Noctis SOX

The thick fabric features embroidered skulls for added points. The top border is designed with lines with irregular spacing and width, and with lame fabric to make the white border part distinctively stand out. Fade-proofed “ROENxFFXV” logo is printed on the bottom for a subtly emphasized design. We recommend wearing the SOX just a bit higher (to let them show) than the boots.

Noctis Leather Glove

Covered in sheepskin, the item has a solid form without being heavy. The cushioned, three-dimensional parts are snake-skin patterned for added depth.Also for a one-point accent, the jacket features a studded belt for punk style. The carefully thought-out palm area is sueded for added accent.

Noctis Skull print C/S

Cut and sewn with countless skull prints around the front neck. Although the prints are of the same color, they are unusually impactful. The soft and comfortable modal fabric is firm and tough.

Prompto Wappen Blouson

Using world-famous Okayama denim fabric that is made in Japan, the denim vest is decorated with our original patches. The edge of the emblem patch is studded for a pronounced punk-rock feel. The combination plaid skirt for layering produces an impression of light and airy movement, while being bold and tight overall.

Prompto Wappen Denim Pant

5 pocket denim featuring our original leopard prints made with world-famous Okayama denim fabric made in Japan. The used fabric is surge-stretch, for added comfort. Similarly to our outerwear, the edge of the original emblem patch is studded for a distinct punk-rock feel. The clean and sharp lines produce a beautiful silhouette when worn.

Prompto Finger Cut Glove

These gloves feature a soft lambskin exterior for maximum utility. This classic design also has a belt with a matte snakeskin texture and studs for a rustic feel, and the inside is printed with an original leopard print for maximum impact.

Prompto Studs Leather Bac

The thick bracelet features a lot of studs for a distinct sense of presence.
Made with cow leather, the bracelet is not too rigid, and is easily detachable.
The central portion uses random patterns so that the bracelet is one of a kind and breathable.

Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30, 2016. You order the clothes and view more pictures of clothing can be found from the official site.

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  1. I really wanted to get the prompto gloves but 190 quid for those? Bloody hell that’s expensive, even for exclusive merchandise. Something maybe HALF that price would be responsible. //They’re not even full gloves that cover fingers pls

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