Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XV x Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Is Kinda Happening


Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV collaboration is happening after all but not in the form the fans are looking forward to see it happening – yet. GAME Spain is offering “Gae Bolg” weapon from Final Fantasy XIV as a pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy XV. The weapon is part of the iconic dragoon gear set in Final Fantasy XIV and it’s unlocked by completing “A Relic Reborn” questline.


It remains unknown whether Square Enix is planning a bigger collaboration between these two popular titles nearer the release of Final Fantasy XV. When Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII first launched in Japan, they arranged a special event where the players could obtain special gear such as Lightning and Snow’s attires by completing multiple FATEs and questlines. Now these gear sets are available on MogStation.

Final Fantasy XV is releasing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, 2016.

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