Final Fantasy XIV

A New Change to Final Fantasy XIV Veteran Rewards System


Square Enix has announced new changes for Final Fantasy XIV’s Veteran System which rewards players based on their game subscription, and the length of time they have been supporting Final Fantasy XIV since its recovery from the failure in Fall 2013. Starting Patch 4.1, the highest rank rewards that needed up to 1440 days of subscription [approx. value 580€ ] will be now available for all players with 330 days of subscription. [approx. value 132 €] The rewards include unique outfits from protagonists such as Cloud Strife, Firion, Zidane and Squall Leonheart.

This has caused an uproar amongst the community. Many players kept their subscriptions active even during their breaks to receive the long term rewards and feel they are now losing their investments. In some scenarios players who were subscribers for over three years are now getting the last rewards amongst people who have been playing the game for less than a year. Additionally, Square Enix is moving away from Veteran Rewards and starting new campaigns where players have to be subscribed 90 consecutive days to receive rewards, such as the flying Falcon mount. It’s worth noting, the veteran players’ previous subscription won’t count for these campaigns. Some of the older Veteran Rewards will also be available for purchase with in-game achievement points.

Whereas the veteran players have been majorly disappointed about the new changes, the newcomers have been wishing it as a welcome fix. If you started playing now with the old system, you would ideally receive the final rewards by 2021. Now it will take less than a year. It has been acknowledged that the system was highly flawed from the beginning, but the change was handled in a way seen as disregarding loyal customers. Especially with the new campaigns needing more consecutive subscription from the players.

Square Enix has yet to address the community response. You can read people’s thoughts on the official forums, social media or Reddit.