Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Famitsu Will Be Covering New Final Fantasy XIII Related Content In Its Next Issue


The Famitsu editor shared a teaser picture from the upcoming issue on his Twitter account. The picture is slightly blurred and features Lightning in her Duelist garb from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

He adds the following text to the picture: “This is not a new game, but whaaat!?” Where the official Lightning Room account replies “The story of Lightning has been completed, but please be excited because this is a little surprise.”


What could this new Lightning Returns-related content possibly be? New DLC? A developer interview? A hint of upcoming surprise at E3? Definitive Edition for PS4/XBOX ONE?

More information coming next week! Keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATED: Hayashi made another tweet stating that the earlier tweet was slightly misleading.  It will be “just” a Final Fantasy XIII article. The content of the article still remains unknown, which is why there might be something very interesting and cool for the fans. Still, it’s likely related to the game development or even the contests outfits which were chosen a few months ago.

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  1. I wouldnt be surprised if she appeared in KH3 tbh – i do recall a design of her in the style of KH that was done quite a while ago – i think she was planned to be in one but later was dropped – kinda like how Buzz and Woody were to be summons in KH2 but in the end didnt make it to the finalised version
    Since this is just an article i expect it to be about the trilogy – looking back, any interviews, DLC, contests etc. as you mentioned

  2. Hard to guess. If it was another review article wouldn’t they just say it. Why so secretive. Hmm Lightnings my fav character so if it’s a definitive edition I’ll get it. Or maybe we’ll be playing finding Lightning *SPOILER ALERT* on Earth *SPOILER ENDS* like finding Waldo. Or that’s she in kh3. They kinda set her up for that, with her setting people free from there dark hearts. Anything is a possibility, I could just be getting my hopes up. =)

  3. So what, Lightning’s now *SPOILER* on Earth *SPOILER* and given the fact that any game with her name shouldn’t even carry the name Final Fantasy, it won’t surprise me if it’s Lightning Theft Auto.

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