Square Enix Might Develop A Hatsune Miku Game | Hi-Res Artwork

We are back from our short holiday and it’s time deliver some amazing artwork and cool details about the latest events in Square Enix world.

Last week was truly special for the Hatsune Miku fans: she performed “Sharing The World” on David Letterman’s talk show and had a special art exhibition in New York. During the event, Square Enix revealed a collaboration between Tetsuya Nomura and Hatsune Miku, where Nomura had designed and illustrated a variants arts figure of her. Alongside the figure, Square Enix’s talented Visual Works studio had created a short movie for the Japanese humanoid superstar. Today, we are bringing you even more details behind this surprise collaboration with high resolution artwork!

Thanks to Siliconera‘s translation from Game Jouhou, we are able to share Nomura’s thoughts on the project. Previously the Kingdom Hearts director told the Hatsune Miku project was something he personally accepted and he really enjoyed working on it. Because of this, Nomura hopes the next announcement would be a game! That’s right! There could be a possibility for a new Hatsune Miku game, if the Vocaloid producers at Crypton Future Media are satisfied by his drawings and Visual Works’ CG animation. Tetsuya Nomura is currently planning the development with the producer Shinji Hashimoto, but Nomura’s schedule is booked with other projects as far as 2019, so we shouldn’t expect the game anytime soon.

What kind of a Hatsune Miku game would you like to see Square Enix producing? A JRPG? A rhythm game? Hit the comments section or tweet us!




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  1. Rhythm-based role-playing video game, with her as main protagonists kicking ass with her music powers against all manner of unmusical foes. And the bosses singing horribly out of tune for their introductions, and her being pissed and correcting them while bashing six kinds of brickdust out of them.

    And wait, was that booked until 2019? What can he possibly have up his sleeve?! HYPE MACHINE ACTIVATION!!

  2. I would see her in a tactical war game with big Mecha Robots like in Xenosaga series but with a typical Square-Enix style, of course! With a story line similar to Final Fantasy VIII but without the sorceresses part or the orphan part! ^^

      • No, I never played Xenogears. Xenosaga it’s a ps2 RPG serie but I think it’s like a sequel of Xenogears, I’m not sure!

        • Xenosaga is a spiritual successor to the original Xenogears The reason for the change is that the Xenogears team left Square Enix (then Square) because the company wanted to focus on Final Fantasy, but I think the Xenogears was still owned by the original company so it couldn’t be used by the team once they left. I even heard that Xenosaga was cut from a six-game saga to a trilogy due to low sales. Xeno-metaseries in general has a rather sad history.

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