Final Fantasy

Cloud Returns – Final Fantasy VII Remake x Mobius Final Fantasy Collaboration Campaign


Cloud Strife will be returning in the world of Final Fantasy through Mobius Final Fantasy in Japan this winter. As Warrior of Light gets taken in an alternative universe – looking quite similar to Midgar – there he meets Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Similar to last year, the player will be fighting against common enemies from Final Fantasy VII while learning a new story about Cloud Strife – but this time there will be quite a cool twist! The players are able to acquire a new Cloud Strife job card that allows them to control the hero himself! The limit break will be his iconic Omnilash as well. Alongside an update job, the players will be able to unlock new weapons such as Sephiroth’s katana.

The Western version of Mobius Final Fantasy should be receiving this event later this year or early 2017, if it continues following the originally scheduled plans of the Japanese version.

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