Introducing COSMOS – The Creative Community

We’re happy to launch our very creative community area! The idea is provide a chance for passionate fans to share their work and gain visibility. Every week, we are going to share Square Enix games inspired artwork, videos and music by the fans for the fans.


As you may know, we here in Square Portal have always been crazy art geeks and loved to focused on creating and doing something fun instead of spending energy on negativity and criticism. It’s more fun to like something than hate! This is why, we hope you will be spreading pure acceptance, positivity, passion, creativity and love towards video games with your work!

Tomb Raider cosplay photoshoot by SarmaiBalazs

Tomb Raider cosplay photoshoot by SarmaiBalazs

Send your Square Enix games related art, videos, pictures or fanmade songs to Cosmos – where fans get a chance to share their creativity and love towards video games.

We know we have many talented/starting artist reading and visiting this site but it’s rather hard to find a place where you can show your work others. That’s why we want to give you a chance to share your creativity to others.

Cosmos is a project which aims to embrace the talented fans of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Thief, Hitman, Tomb Raider or any Square Enix game by giving them a bit booster. Square Portal has always been a place for you to read news and experience the content we create. Now it’s your time to be us.

Amazing Kimahri outfit for Lightning by Acetea-san.

Amazing Kimahri outfit for Lightning by Acetea-san. Follow Acetea’s Devianart here!

Every THURSDAY we will be posting a COSMOS post containing multiple works from you. Your work can be something a bit older but try to avoid sending too dated artwork and share something recent with us. We hope this project pleases most of you. :)


1. Create ART! (Music, videos, drawings, paintings etc.)
1. Prove the work is yours.
2. One artwork/song/video per user/week.
3. Add description if needed & if you want to share your DeviantART/YouTube page etc.
4. Send your email titled as  “COSMOS” to squareportal(a)outlook.com a=@

*Note that all sent artwork may be used in upcoming Square Portal projects such as commercials and trailers. Your work will be credited.

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