Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns Challenge #2 Completed! Here Is the Next One!

Great job people! We have posted enough Outerworld posts and thus unlocked a brand new garb for Lightning! The new garb is called Duelist which is a defensive garb that greatly increases the wearer’s maximum HP.


To unlock the outfit you have to turn Outerworld Services on and find a NPC with “LRFFXIII” name and title “Outerworld Challenge #2”. By talking to it, you will unlock the outfit, and find it from the Rewards Barter Shop. Earlier unlocked Helter Skelter and Duelist will be available until May 7.(It can be challenging to find the right NPC but you will hopefully meet him during the gameplay.)


This time we need to reach a total of 300 000 Outerworld post to unlock another garb! The new garb is called “La Fouldre” and it greatly increases Lightning’s Magic abilities.  The outfit can be unlocked in-game by playing New Game+ on Hard mode BUT WHO WOULDN’T LOVE AN EARLY UNLOCK! Snap snap snap!


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  1. And how would you do this “summoning” by only using your Twitter account, don’t tell me that function is a Facebook exclusive, as im not connected to it at all.

    After not finding the Challenge #2 guy for a freaking whole 12 days either, i just gave up, started New Game+ in HM and snapped that Garb from the Store-seller, for a 100’000 Gil.

    As a worker i don’t have time to run around searching for a freaking weekend long and the anmount of money is nothing compared to the time you invest in the NPC search-thing.

    • Yes it’s a facebook app that you need to link your account with. Some game areas get heavily crowded at certain times of the day. The FB app lets view a thumbnail of current posts, the list view allways has the @LRFFXIII at the top, it was easy to select the one for challenge #2 and “summon” it to my game.

  2. The NPC i talk to only offers the challenge #1 garb… is there another NPC that offers the challenge #2 garb ??? or is there a problem here??? FYI I’ve found the NPC 7-8 times so far since Saturday March 8th.

      • I used the FB LRFFXIII Timeline App to summon the @LRFFXIII NPC to my game but haven’t seen it once in three days real time and 5 days LRFFXIII time… i’d like to get it before day 12 TY.

        • It took over 7 days but using the FB app again to summon the NPC finally worked, albeit i ran around Yusnaan and Luxerion for 20 hours in-game, finally it materialized in the Warren’s

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