Final Fantasy

70 New Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~ Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~ is a new online novel released on Dengeki and Famitsu. It follows a story of the Final Fantasy XIII cast being interviewed and telling about their journey and wishing the last farewell. Below you can view 70 screenshots from already released chapters, which can be read from here.

Square Enix hasn’t yet revealed any plans about possible translation of the novel, but it may be quite problematic since they haven’t translated the previous novels either. Earlier this year, they translated chapters for Drakengard 3 novels, so there might still be a chance though! Anyway, I might include a request in The Thirteenth Farewell about the translation, and who knows, it might actually work! Hah!

Please, enjoy these new screenshots – they are likely the last we will ever get from the Final Fantasy XIII saga. But a few more are coming later this week as the last chapters of novel are released!

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  1. Seeing Yuel smile like that makes me so happy.

    Also why isn’t Snow and Serah seated together?

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