Final Fantasy XIV

Official Final Fantasy XIV Themes/Wallpapers Released for PC and PS3

Are you bored? Feeling tired? Does your old life feel gray and empty? Do the days follow the same daily routines – the old ones you have been following over a year or so? Don’t you worry moogle because we and Square Enix are about to bring colors back to your life – to your most loved systems such as PC and PS3!

Let me introduce you these glorious wallpapers and themes! Do you love CGI artwork? Or maybe you prefer more traditional artwork? No problem! We got something for everyone! Did I mention they are FREE. [~F.R.E.E~] These super awesome, cool and fabulously kawaii themes can be downloaded from the official site and you can get them as wallpapers by clicking these small thumbnails! You may need some help with PS3 theme so check Sony’s  “How to install themes to your PS3?” site out!
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will release on August 27th for PC and PlayStation 3, and in 2014 for PS4! The game has a cross-play feature, so you can play with your PS3, PS4 and PC friends when you are on the same server! Super cool! Check out my A Realm Reborn preview from here!

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