Final Fantasy Explorers

Tsuyoshi Sekito Explains The Main Theme of “Final Fantasy Explorers” | Listen Now

Dengeki has made a short interview with Tsuyoshi Sekito, who is the main composer of the upcoming 3DS action RPG game, Final Fantasy Explorer. You may also know his work from the games such as The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy (composing & arrangement in multiple title) and SaGa. During the interview, Sekito explained the build of the theme song and challenges he faced through the progress.

“By the time we were producing the main theme of Final Fantasy Explorers, we only had the key visuals but nothing else. So… you can guess that it made me a bit worried! In the beginning, I had to create songs without really knowing the surroundings or the scene they were used, which is why I tried to compose many songs fitting to different kinds of environments. When meeting with the team for the first time and introducing my songs, I was happy to receive reputation from them, even though some songs didn’t fit that well in the game.

When it comes to the theme song, I tried to create something what fits well to the “explorers” mood.  The song has parts where it is easy going yet dark and adventurous. Even in some parts there you can hear the suffering of the land. In the second half, I switched to the piano arrangement to completely change the mood of the song!”

In the end of the article, Dengeki teases that we will be hearing more about the music this week! Read our “Introducing Final Fantasy Explorers” article for more info about Final Fantasy Explorers.

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