Final Fantasy

NaNaa Mihgo’s Final Fantasy XI Album Revealed!

Today, Naoshi Mizuta (the composer of Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy XI and XIV…) revealed the album cover of the upcoming Final Fantasy XI album by his band, NaNaa Mihgo! The new album, simply called “Nanaa Mihgo’s Final Fantasy XI”, will be out on 11th of September in Japan. You can visit the official album site or NaNaa Migno’s website here!

The Album Cover

The Album Cover

About NaNaa Mihgo

NaNaa Mihgo was a special band that was created to perform at 10th Anniversary event of Final Fantasy XI at Vana ★ Festival. Their very first performance got so much positive feedback and attention from the audience and on internet that they decided to continue their work together as a band. Now they are working on  their new studio album that will be out this September!

The members of NaNaa Mihgo are:

Machi Okabe (Violist) – Website
Naoshi Mizuta (Effects/bass) – Website
Takuro Iga (Piano) – Website

You can watch NaNaa Mihgo’s A DECADE OF FINAL FANTASY XI VANA★FEST2012 performance below!

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