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Mitsuto Suzuki Recorded Music with FUL for Lightning Returns

On his latest blog post, Mitsuto Suzuki told about his and FUL’s recording sessions for Lightning Returns. FUL is a Japanese band that is known from its marimba and percussion skills and will be playing those instruments in the game music as well.

But how did they meet at the first place? When browsing the internet, Mitsuto had found the official site of FUL and listened to their work.  He thought that they would perfectly fit to his plans and asked would the band be interested of this kind of project.  Suzuki-san wished that the answer would be “YES!” and seems like his wishes came true!

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Instruments such as marimba and steel pan are being played in the song and Mitsuto reveals that it fits to the atmosphere and environment of the game and may be even a bit comical and cheerful. Mitsuto showed the finished recording to the director of Ligthning Returns, Motomu Toriyama, who (obviously) loved it! Even Mitsuto himself was impressed by the results and told to us to look forward to it!

FUL also wrote about the project on their blog. They were happy to be back and proud to help the team of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a big honor to be part of Final Fantasy game! You can follow their official site here! Below you can see videos of FUL’s performances!

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  1. That was quite fun to listen to! – can imagine some of this in the game :D – maybe the chocobo theme :p

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