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Canadian Singer “Lights” Loves The Final Fantasy XIII Saga – Gets Lightning’s Haircut

Square Portal’s gossip news writers strike again, which means it’s time for some epic casual news! A Canadian electropop musician, singer and songwriter, “Lights”, has got a new haircut which looks exactly like Lightning’s haircut! It’s no surprise since in 2010 she told her fans: “Anyone that thinks I wouldn’t get my hair cut like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t know me.” In March 2014, she also posted a picture of her copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and this summer she had finally got the perfect Lightning haircut she wanted. It seems quite cool, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Our own reader Katie confirms on our Facebook page that Lights really is a big fan of the saga. Katie has even got a chance to talk with Lights about Final Fantasy XIII. That’s quite amazing!

UPDATE: Recently, Lights has been tweeting about Final Fantasy  a lot! Follow her on Twitter!

Many of us love Final Fantasy games and the Final Fantasy XIII saga and it’s not secret that there are big fans among popular artists and celebrities as well. Lights isn’t only celebrity to admit her love towards Final Fantasy games: Earlier this year, Lupita Nyong, who won “The Best Female Actor” oscar from her role in 12 Years A Slave, admitted that she loves Final Fantasy VIII and used to always play it as a child. Do you know any other celebrities who have revealed their love towards Square Enix games such as Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.?

Have you ever considered to get a game character’s haircut? If you could choose any, which game character’s hairstyle would you love to get? Post your thoughts on the comments and you may win a copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Sneaky promo time: Lights’ new album “Little Machines” will be out later this year and she has released a new single from the album.

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  1. I would really love to have Snow’s hairstyle from the first game! Along with the rest of the costume! I plan to make a cosplay as I’m working out and taking small steady steps closer to Snow’s cool body! He is such a hero in my opinion! Many say that he wasn’t a good character but his love for Serah and the way he acted reminds me of myself a lot… the only bad thing is that my hair are more like “Sazh’s” than Snow’s which makes me really sad! I would really love to be able to get a natural haircut like Snow’s!

    • That sounds awesome and good luck with your cosplay!!!

      I would love to have Minfilia’s haircut from FFXIV since she she looks so classy with it! It should be so hard to get that style actually! Just demands lots of work and styling! Other hairstyle I adore is Lara’s iconic pony tail look – thank god it’s fairly common looking and easy to do! :)

      • Thank you very much for your kind words Milla!
        A friend of mine also loves styling her hair often like Lara’s due to her look being fairly easy to recreate! I haven’t played FF XIV yet but I just searched Minfilia and I got to say that she has quite a unique style that is indeed hard to replicate!
        Good luck with that style too! It will be really hard but I can bet it will look neat on you! ^_^

  2. At some point i want to actually dye my hair the same as Lightnings – may have to think about the hairstyle too lol ;)
    First time ive seen someone have it for real – looks really nice :)

  3. I always wanted to have Lightning’s haircut but was a bit worried since I hadn’t seen any good haircuts from the cosplayers or fans, and they always seem too “anime” and fake in my opinion. I mean, Lights’ haircut isn’t 100% the same but at least it seems to behave exactly how Lightning’s haircut would in the real world. I wonder if my hairdresser could cut a similar haircut for me if I showed her pictures to him? Would be epic!

    • Agreed! I wish more people realized that a game character’s haircut won’t work in real life without a few “realism” adjustments. I mean see Cloud or Noctis’ hairstyles… They are quite impossible to make happen but with a few adjustments people could make them look great!

      • I’m not really agree, I’ve seen some good cosplayers doing her hairstyle very well, even if it’s a wig! I think about Light Cosplay first, a French cosplayer, if you want to take a look to get an idea.

        • Yeah… Perhaps I was too extreme with my opinion but it just seems to be a huge challenge for fans to get the hair look realistic and good. Still, I always give props for all people who cosplay and take time to create outfits and even go to events while wearing them. It’s something I have never done and that’s why I appreciate them even though I think hair seems to be quite a challenge for most of the cosplayers :)

      • Cloud’s hairstyle is so ridiculous even in-game so I’m not seeing anyone being able to make it look as good in real life. By ridiculous I don’t mean it is bad but just so over the top that it’s just impossible to do. XD

      • Hah! I always thought Noctis hairstyle is pretty rad and even planned to get one until I realized it demands too much styling and working…. Which is why I needed to cancel my plans! Just think about a windy day and cycling to the work with that look!

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