Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Snow Returns in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Snow is back! Who is really surprised though? Heroes never die!

The newest issue of Japanese Jump-magazine had an exclusive article on Lightning Returns and Snow. In the new issue they revealed the new look and job of our old friend. You can view his new hairstyle (Brad Pitt, anyone?!), attitude and clothes from the scan below! ISN’T HE FABULOUS?

But that’s not all – at all!  Now he is the mayor of the City of Pleasure which is different to Luxerion, the Divine City of Light. The scan also states that Snow is obviously still feeling awful and bad because even he couldn’t save Serah from her cruel fate. Doesn’t he seem a bit dark in this new render and screenshots? Maybe the chaos is still controlling him and we need to wake him up…

I will be hitting you guys up once we get our hands on the higher quality scan or when Square Enix sends some new screenshots & renders. (Maybe soon!)

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  1. Booker Dewitt is back in the realm of Final Fantasy XIII!! His new look is far better than it was in XIII-2 but I still like his original look from XIII better. Why wont they give him back his bandana? He even stated it was his favorite accessory.

    • ‘Tis true, my friend! Who knows? Perhaps he’ll be quite a match for our heroine. Gosh, first Noel to contend with, and now possibly Snow! Square Enix is making sure we use our time wisely during these 13 days, aren’t they?

  2. Wow nice hair style for snow, a step up from 13-2. To find him in the city of pleasure is not a surprise to me (dose this mean we will see light slapping snow around to get him out of his stupor). He dose look very dark and almost scary for snow. And yes the 13 bug has bitten me to and and I can’t help but draw cartoons and pics of 13 (mostly centered around Lightning).

  3. Oh my… He actually reminds me of Siegfried from the Soul Calibur series with his hairstyle and his intense expression. And the City of *Pleasure* when he was engaged to the sweetest girl in the world?! I do believe Chaos has had a field day with our hero. Looks like Light has her work cut out for her…and I’m getting all the more excited. I guess I had Light’s pov when I first encountered Snow in 13 and 13-2. He means well but he’s reckless and that trait gets him into more trouble than anything. But now…I just want to see him freed from the darkness that ensnares him! (although I admit I love this portrayal out of all three of them). And yet, perhaps now he’ll display the level of seriousness/maturity that Light’s always wanted him to have now that he’s living this way. Talk about irony.

  4. Yeah i was thinking that – he does seem alot more darker here – maybe just like Noel – Chaos has gotten to Snow too
    I prefer his hairstyle here to his previous one in 13-2 – suits him more – and he does look badass in that outfit xD
    Bring on the HD scans! :D

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