Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Debut Trailer

Looks like the official announcement trailer for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD has leaked out!

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  1. @Ziggy
    Fair enough :p
    I have them – theyre not bad but i do enjoy the Playstation ones more
    X, 12, Dissidia and Crisis Core are my favourites :)

      • aha – havent played it in a while – am hoping to go back to it sometime – need to finish 012 – almost fully completed the first one – only got 3 achievements left but theyll take a bomb of a time lol – need to beat time attack mode in 20 mins which i almost did :l – get all weapons (the only ones i need are dropped by lv120-150 guys – which is just a small handful) and get all accessories (only 2 left which i get for completing those 2 ^ ) :p

    • FF14 is an MMO :p – dont know if thats come back out yet (they had to re-do alot of things) – Versus though its still named that as far as we know – there have been rumours going around that it may be changed to FF15 (i highly doubt it since it has the same mythos as the 13 saga – FF15 should be a different setting) and be coming out for the PS4 now (most probably) – i know that SE will be showing a new FF game at E3 this year – everyone thinks itll be 15 – and lets hope Versus shows up too – we havent seen/heard much from it in a long time! :p

  2. Yeah Penance is pretty tough – ive seen videos :p
    The dark aeons are hard too – but after finishing the sphere grids the first 4 are pips – the others though – my god! – think i’ll have to resort to using zanmato lol – i remember one of my friends used that technique for them all – if it didnt work he would restart the game and try again xD
    Also i do remember that you have to beat dark yojimbo more than once – i almost beat him the normal way – its all about luck with his moves :l

      • I think it would b nice. I liked the story line and when some of the characters would do some kind of motion and it was hard to tell what they were doing cuz of the bad graphics. So a remake would b nice (though it was the first ff game that I really didn’t care to c the ending.=/ )

      • I think it would be pretty cool (would look stunning too in todays graphics!) – but the only thing that will convince SE to remake it is if one of their ‘new’ games surpasses it (either sale wise or game wise) – everyones hoping Versus will do the job :p

    • Me to but my bed was facing the door and I shear it with my sis. So she’d b like what r u doing and then my family would find out (I am the tiff sister after all ;p )

  3. I have played it :3 – many times lol xD – one of my favs!
    ah thats a shame! – you really should get one! :p

    • Couldn’t play it after I beat it first game to all most make me cry (even though ffx was sad all it did was make me feel bad for Yuna). And maybe I will get a ps3, now that I’ve had a job for a while I can run to best by or game stop. But I think I’ll let u get some rest sense u guys r like 6 hours a head of us. (it’s 6:22 pm over here =)

      • oh i know what you mean! – first time i finished it i cried for hours xD – ive played through it like 50 times now – still makes me sad
        ah fair enough – yeah it is getting late lol – thanks xD

      • Brought tears to my eyes but held it in (cuz my family was walking around and I didn’t want them to b like what u crying about, they wouldn’t really understand). Ya and I didn’t want to tier out my news buddy :p

  4. @Veronica
    Fair enough :)
    Im planning on playing 7 next so im looking forward to that :p
    Yeah its strange that they didnt release CoM PS2 in Europe :/ – but at least now i can have the joy of playing it in 1.5 :D
    Yeah same! – i might have a go at 11 and 14 but those 2 im gonna leave till last
    Haha youre welcome! xD – i can chat for ages about games :p – thankyou! you too! – i look forward to the day when i finally have them all :D
    I havent played FFX in so long – same for X-2 – and seeing all this news is getting me in the mood to play them – but i need to hold in this urge until the game comes out xD

    • If u haven’t played crisis core yet I suggest u play that first on the psp, before u start 7 (though if u don’t it’s ok it’s not like a main part of the story, but it dose explain y cloud gets his sword). And same here I could talk about games forever, so hopefully I don’t go over board here XD. And wish I had a ps3 or vita to play ffx. After all it was my first game

  5. @Veronica
    haha nice! :D
    One day i shall have them all :p
    Its funny he also introduced me to Kingdom Hearts – big fan ever since :D

    • Me too I’m working in getting all the games. As for kh my friend introduce me to it and i became a fan also (so much so that my first psp was a birth by sleep limited edition).

      • Oh awesome! – wouldve loved to have a limited edition one :p
        The only ones i need now are FF 5, 7, 8, 9, Tactics and one of the Crystal Cronicle games along with a Chocobo game :3 – i also wouldnt mind getting them on mutli-platforms too – for memorabilia :p – im not a big fan of MMOs so i dont think i’ll get 11 and 14 – then theres the new ones coming out – and the only ones i doubt i’ll be able to have are the ones that were released on mobile…. – i have everything else that theyve released and both films on Blu-ray, DVD and UMD :p – and a special disc that came in a magazine ages ago called FF Beyond – has behind the scenes for X – with the voice actors for Yuna and Tidus – they talk about the game – a music video of Suteki da ne – and trailers for other games on there too :p
        As for KH the only one i never got to play is CoM :/ – was gonna get the PS2 version (wouldve had to chip my PS2 to get it to play since it wasnt released in Europe) – but i waited it out – glad i did though since 1.5 was announced – now i can play the game – and the Final Mix versions too! :D

      • I only played ff10,10-2,7,crisis core,12,13,13-2, and dissidia so I got a ways to go. Stinks though Europe didn’t get all kh (I guess it’s different in the US). Though I no I won’t b getting 11 or 14 (cuz I’m really not a big fan o MMO’s, though I might try it some day :p ). Thx though for having a chat with me, at my house no one really likes talking about games ( and if I do it’s like talking to wall) my bros moved out so now I’m the only nerd XD. And good luck with getting that collection (ffx is looking good).

  6. ehe i was just watching this ;D
    Not enough was shown! xD
    I honestly cant wait to play this game! – FFX was the first FF game that i ever played – so it will always remain close to my heart (cheesy i know lol) – i love this game so much! :3
    Surprisingly though this is the only FF game i havent ‘fully’ completed :0 – in all the others ive played i only have at least 1 or 2 small things left to do (like in FF12 i only need to collect the weapons that are dropped by rare enemies) – things that would take me ages to do
    In FFX though i still have to finish the dark aeons (done Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion and Shiva), and then of course Penance, finish Lulu and Wakkas Sphere Grid, get both of their Celestial weapons (just do the blitzball and dodge 200 lightning bolts), and finish the monster arena (only have 2 or 3 more monsters to make) – think thats it… lol – im hoping i can do them this time :D

    • This also was my first game in the series that I’ve played. This game was the reason why I started buying the other ff games. This game is also close to my heart (we’ll both b cheesy for this game XD).

      • Same! :D
        It propelled me into the series and im a huge fan now :D
        I found it in my brothers room and he told me it was really good so i had a go – i regret nothing!! – changed my life xD – and whats cool is that he had the sequel aswell – so X-2 was the 2nd FF game i played :)
        Cheese all the way! :D

      • Wow my bros friend let him barrow the game and play it. When going into his room to play one of my games, my brother told me to give the ffx a try and that it was really cool. My brother dropped the series, but for me I became a fan and went on to but ffx-2 =)

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