Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster

Original Final Fantasy X and Remasters in Comparison


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  1. @Ziggy
    The Trailer was actually leaked a little early (not much is shown and it didnt say the release unfortunately – just 2013) – as for Type-0 – theres been no word about it being released overseas – it was planned to but when they saw the sales of PSP software and hardware plummet they shelved it – this was back in 2011 – when the game was 90% complete! – but they said if the fans really want it then theyll consider bringing it back (they could bring it to vita this time) – i know theres a petition called ‘Operation Suzaku’ – they are doing pretty well with signatures – and they do a great job at spreading the word to SE that we want this game – so check it out :) – as for the trailer (more like teaser lol) here it is –

  2. Wow, everything is definitely smoother. Tidus looks completely different in HD, that surprises me. Can’t wait for the trailer, hope some X-2 content is shown.

    • I heard a few years ago that they may remake 5 and 6 for the 3DS – they did think to bring them to the DS but it remained undecided due to ‘technical issues’ – but they are considering bringing them to the 3DS – saying first they have to “look and see how the 3DS does, how it evolves, and then make a decision”.- that was back in 2010 though :p – and we havent heard anything besides them bringing it to PSN and iOS… – but i would love for them to release them both on the 3DS :D

      If they do this however then that would leave 7, 8 and 9 – they havent had a remake – but im guessing we are gonna have to wait quite a while before we see them return lol – perhaps when they are celebrating an anniversary? – they did that with some of the other games :) – with a remake for 7 though they said if one of their ‘new’ games surpasses it then theyll consider remaking 7 – dont know if thats sale wise or game wise when it comes to surpassing (everyones hoping that Versus does the job lol)

  3. Tidus in HD is all nice but the original seems alot better :l
    The others though look great – quite a difference in lighting and everything looks a bit softer in texture too
    Really wanna see the trailer – see how this all looks in motion :)

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