Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Panorama Screenshots: Desert & Ancient


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  1. I like what I see. This looks kinda mysterious, but the graphics look really good. I think the E3 site said some thing about a teaser trailer in May 28th, though it’s a trailer about who’s going to b there not any game trailers that I know of. =)

  2. ^was thinking that – looks similar to Atlas – i kinda like that idea of Fal-cie buried about the place – either dead or fossilized :)
    That concept reminds of Nausicaa (a Studio Ghibli film) – they had these giant warriors that destroyed the earth in 7 days – 1000 yrs later where the film takes place, the warriors bodies are all around the land, dead and covered in thick foliage with forests having grown around them
    Wonder if that dial at the top left is the clock, lets you know what time of day it is, or a compass – points you to your next destination, and for side quests

      • Yep! Thanks :)
        Be great to go right up to them – maybe one will suddenly pop out of the ground and start attacking lol :p

    • That looks like a compass at the left if u look closely there’s this little circle in the outer ring, and from picture to picture that little circle is moving, like a destination point or something.

      • Yeah the more i look at it – the more it does resemble a compass – most likely
        Wonder if anything else will be added to it – or itll just stand there on its own

      • I bet that compass replaces the map of the previous games, or maybe there will be an option to switch between the two…

      • Either your able to switch between map to compass or (for xbox controls) press x to bring up the map menu. At least that’s what I’m guessing at this point. =)

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