New Content Coming in Final Fantasy XV Next Year | Episodes for Ardyn and Luna

Final Fantasy XV Continues In 2018 & Beyond

Earlier this year, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata teased about the future of Final Fantasy XV and the roadmap for 2018. After the release of Final Fantasy XV, the team wanted to address major feedback received from the fans – leading in new development of story content and fixing existing issues by adding additional cutscenes and lore into the game. The gameplay has also received further polishing as new combos were added, alongside an upgraded car turned into a monster truck, allowing it to go everywhere. In 2018 and beyond, they will be continuing this trend and expanding the game based on the in-game survey results.
According to the survey, the most demanded story content are Episode Ardyn and Episode Luna, which latter the director implies is coming. The fans also wanted to know more about the universe and the myths behind it. Hajime Tabata sees that especially Episode Ardyn is an ideal candidate to explore the setting and discover mysteries behind the legend. However, he feels that the team has to further work on the story to properly connect Ardyn into it and they might not be strictly following the survey results for the downloadable content.
Final Fantasy XV director also wants to publish at least three more episodes but doesn’t want to rush their development as expanding the lore will require a lot work and planning. This means that the last content might be coming as late as early 2019.
Square Enix is looking to share more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV content by the end of the year. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis will be releasing on December 13, 2017. Learn more about it on our site. Final Fantasy XV is now available for PS4 and Xbox One, with Windows Edition releasing for PC in Early 2018.