Square Portal Revamped


Today I was celebrating my birthday and it inspired me to start a new era with Square Portal as well! The layout of the site has gotten some serious updates and changes.

Now the site has a modern live banner showing the latest news. By pressing the arrows, you can navigate through the highlighted news. The lower part of site remains classic by showing the older news.

I also revamped the categorizing system of the site. Games-widget got deleted and now all games are added to the main menu. By pointing the menu you can view different kinds of sub-menus and read the archive. You can also use the search bar to quickly find specific information.

In the future every menu page will also contain the basic information of the title.

I hope you like this new layout and continue following my site in the future! E3 is near and I will be very busy with it and my summer job. I will try to keep the site as updated and on time as I can!

Love for everyone! I hope you have a great summer!
Regards John

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  1. Happy Birthday John! :D
    Really like the new layout :)
    I like how on the home page each article doesnt take up much room now – only the one screenshot is shown – saves having to scroll down so much to get to each article – i’ll also suggest adding at the bottom (and top maybe) page numbers – so perhaps 6 articles on each page – be easier to look back at some of your old ones just by selecting the page number :)
    It is gonna be pretty busy at E3 isnt it lol – no worries if youre unable to get certain things out on time – considering there will be so much to talk about :p

  2. Happy Birthday John! =D

    The site is looking very nice! =)

    Things could do with a little more refining though. For instance, with such a large banner the way the low res pictures get stretched out looks kind of messy. I think you either need to try and find more high res content or maybe make it a touch smaller. The pictures don’t even entirely fit in the screen of my 25″ 1080p monitor. This could be due to other little annoyance though, the super thick grey menu along the top. I think that could maybe do with maybe being a little thinner, then also to me all the menu heading look a bit dull so maybe they could do with a little more emphasis too. But that’s just me being super critical of things. The rest of the site is AMAZING, good work!

    • Oh and also one more thing that would be epic would be if it were possible to click and drag or even swipe through the banner on touch devices. Also it would be nice if new articles also appeared down below the banner so that you can view and read the beginning of them with ease.

      • Thank you for the birthday wishes and advice!

        This morning I tested the site with my tablet and now I can confirm that you can swipe through the pictures on touchscreen devices. Mobile version is available as well.

        And thanks for noticing the low resolution problem. I will trying to use and find bigger pictures for the banner in the future to see if it helps a bit. The menu is a working a bit weirdly at times so I will investigate what is causing the problem!

    • Thank you and you are welcome! I personally am very excited about Lightning’s next adventure! E3 will shows us some seriously cool stuff!

      • Just had to shear.I’m going to California but two days after E3. Oh well one of these days XD.

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