Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box Announced!

At FF25th Anniversary Event, Square Enix announced that they will be releasing “Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box” in Japan. This ultimate box includes games, limited items and new artwork!

Ultimate box will include all thirteen games with brand new never-before seen artwork:

  • Final Fantasy (PS1, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy II (PS1, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy III (PSP, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy IV (PS1, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy V (PS1, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS1, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy VII International (PS1, 4 discs)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, 4 discs)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PS1, 4 discs)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS2, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy XI Vana Del Collection 2 (PS2, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2, 1 disc)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 1 disc)

They also included some special limited items in the box:

  • Special anniversary video disc
  • Crystal ArtWorks — an anniversary visual art collection
  • A two disc anniversary music selection CD
  • Final Fantasy XIV Mogu Mogu Earring item code
  • Mini replica of Amano FF 25th Anniversary visual and stand

All this for ¥35,000 / 357€ / 446$, exclusively through the Square Enix e-Shop. Starting December 18.

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  1. I can’t wait to be able to buy it. I’m going to buy it and put it with the rest of my Final Fantasy collection items. I am an avid collector of Final Fantasy items.

    • so far it’s not listed on their site. so, no preorders yet. they may eventually put it up for preorder or they may just make us wait until december to be able to buy it.

    • Because it’s just the regular numbered games. No sequels. Especially since in the beginning there weren’t any sequels.

  2. Aaawhgh it’s so beautiful. Pity it’s so expensive. I don’t have all FF’s and I’m planning on getting them but it’s way cheaper to buy them separately. Those disc’s though… and special anniversary video disc… Where do I get 400e?

    • Actually it’s pretty cheap. I have all the Final Fantasy games made for the playstation systems. I had to look hard and spend a lot to get the ones for the playstation 1. It cost me over $400 to get 1-9 for the PS1. So, to get all 13 games plus all that stuff for only $446, it’s a great deal in my eyes. I can’t wait for this.

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