Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Deal With It

iqgDEZDlyHxrYCredits: Unknown

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  1. Why are people pissed? Because it takes time to properly translate and dub the game using the original Japanese final scripts and recordings or because there’s a miniscule gap between the US and European releases which is exactly like what XIII-2 had?

  2. While most fans are pissed with this game, this gif will only enrage them even more. Although you guys are loving this game, a majority doesn’t.

  3. and you remove comments bacause u cant face truth, geez what a fag
    really? it hurts you so much what people says to you that you have to remove comment? no wonder why everyone says that you’re a stupid immature teenager that listens lady gaga

    • Wow dude you really have it in for John. I think we all know this has been done before and will probably see this phrase done to death XD. This ones different cuz we get to see a cape swish and she turns her back (typical lightning behavior). I know truth paste you might chew me out for replying but I just wanted to say a lot of us know it’s been done before. =) ;)

    • Deleted your comment because you’re acting inappropriate. Actually I kinda expected you will comment about it because your kind of people always do. To answer your “question”: Like the article itself mentions, the gif is credited to unknown – not me.

      If you can’t act like a good behaving polite person like others, I will keep deleting your comments in the future as well. Internet has enough of this negativity and any of us shouldn’t be part of it. Everyone can has their opinion on different things as long as they accept others’ views as well. Strong & extreme opinions are useless because “the coin always has two different sides” and things aren’t as simple as they seem.

      Try to be good to others that everyone can enjoy their time here.

  4. Dude love this so much. I know theirs a lot of people having a hard time dealing with it. Love this to pieces and you just added more hype to my already hyped up self. XD

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