Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

“The Savior” Is One of the Battle Themes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

After the release of epic and exciting Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 2013 trailer, Square Enix released the trailer theme called “The Savior” on iTunes. 

Today, we were lucky enough to make a very short interview with Naoshi Mizuta, one of the main composers of Lightning Returns. You may have heard that earlier this year, Square Enix was using a song that sounded very similar to The Savior as a battle theme of the game at Lightning Returns press event.

To get the confirmation, we asked Naoshi Mizuta: “Will the song (The Savior) be one of the battle themes in Lightning Returns?” And he was happy to confirm it actually is!

So now it’s confirmed that The Savior will be one of the battle themes in the game. Like we earlier reported, every three composers will be composing music for different locations of the game. The music will also change during the days which means there will be even more battle theme as well!

What do you think about The Savior being a battle theme?

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  1. Jhon
    Talking about “The Savior” there is a campaign square enix is doing (and nobody has said something about it) for fans who would like to remix the first track.

    there you can find a few samples and the guidelines to the contest. when you are done with your remix send it to “” with a nickname for your remix.

    i don’t know what the prize is, but…you never know maybe your remix is included in the game.

    the samples include:
    -intro strings
    -3 synth melodies
    -guitar melody
    -main violin melody

  2. Hey John, Square Enix has uploaded new screenshots of the game and provided more information regarding “Yusnaan” and “Snow” on the game’s website. Please check them out! You can find out about more things under “Gamplay: Quests”.

    Sorry if these things were posted before, it’s just that I haven’t seen them anywhere on Square Portal yet.

  3. I though so :) – gotta go listen to it again lol
    Also i like her costume and weapon in the top image!

  4. I kinda figured it was a battle theme. I remembered the interview long time a go on the SE site saying the guy heard a song that was up beat and the way the guy describe it sounded like it was this one (might not be, but matched the description.)

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