Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


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  1. Wow, this looks intense! The part about the savior/hero prophecy is intriguing. I’m also glad we got to see more of Light’s costumes. I like her “mage/sorcereress” outfit when she’s talking with Noel. And the fight with Snow…actually makes me think of the fight with Caius. I wonder if Square is deciding to draw parallels with the other two games. That’d be cool.

    Plus, Lumina! She finally gets a voice! She kinda sounds like Yeul and Sarah put together…but mostly Yeul.

    • Your right she finally gets a voiced part, but I’m thinking lumina sounds like they got serahs voice actress to do a creepy high pitched voice.

      • Ya John she dose have a touch of yeuls voice in there so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was yeuls voice actress XD. But I guess it’s just that luminas voice isn’t raspy like yeuls that it through me off (well kinda is but not like luminas).

  2. When I saw the last part I was like yup snow she gonna kill you (it’s been coming for a while jk). Ya looks like snow has darkness in him and this trailer has only added to my curiosity XD.

  3. Looking very cool! :D
    So i guess by viewing these Oracle Drives – seeing parts of the future – anything we see we’ll have to change – wonder if itll all be part of the main story, all of it side (i highly doubt it) or half and half
    ehe Giant Cactuar xD – havent seen any chocobos yet – wonder if theyre out in the wild and youll find them in a forest or something – like in the old games
    The battle system is seeming kinda good – not sure if these monsters are roaming around on the field like previously or itll be random encounters
    Snow :o – yep hes been influenced by Chaos :p

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