Final Fantasy XV Scan Reveals A Female Character


Yesterday, we wrote about leaked Final Fantasy XV information from the latest issue of Shonen Jump. Now the scan has gone live and it features the “rumored” new female character, screenshots and key art.

Let’a talk about the new character: She wears a yellow jumpsuit, a cap and and goggles. The scan doesn’t reveal much details about her, but she seems to be a mechanic. You can spot her on the bottom left side of the scan.

The screenshots are featuring driving in the town area and a battle against a monster called Titan. The key art is focussing on a battle sequence.

Prepare for new Final Fantasy XV details and footage soon since the Active Time Report II will be airing tonight! We will be sharing the schedule and the stream links soon.

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    • I know right! Gladiolus has to stop showing off his abs! It’s outrageous. Using his sex appeal to gain more fans, pathetic!

      These news have made me extremely excited about the upcoming event tonight! I bet the footage we will be seeing is related to these screenshots. Hopefully there will be new SQEX CGI as well… I just love it.

      • The most entertaining thought game into my head looking at the scan: Dragon Age, Dead Island 2 and Shadow of the Colossus playing in the background, while EVA encounters Jean-Claude Van Damme. At a gas station. LOL.

    • I think it’s quite practical. For example, imagine a situation where you have to take lots of tools with you when going under the car fixing things there. It can be hard to carry all of them in your hands, but her cleavage is designed perfectly to hold a screwdriver and other tools there. Think about it! It’s not always about appeal! :)

  1. You know, all it needs for this to be a fantasy based on reality is someone in the game, NPC or PC that’s gay or lesbian. That would definitely put an appreciative smile on my face. I’m not saying I won’t enjoy it otherwise, and I’m by no means holding onto any unrealistic hopes.

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