Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII



Given its premiere at this year’s Japan Expo event in Paris, this new trailer reveals more about the involving story, exciting action and engaging characters to be included in the forthcoming LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII.

Elements in this trailer not shown in previous promotional videos, include:

-The appearance of familiar character Hope. As Lightning’s trusted partner, Hope provides key information throughout the quest. Mysteriously, Hope is no longer a grown man, but has instead turned back into the boy that Lightning first met.

-The reveal of new location The Ark. Hope guides Lightning in her endeavours from this space, within which time has ceased to pass.

-A surprise in the form of series character Fang! She is the leader of a mysterious bandit group residing in The Dead Dunes.

How will you spend your final days?

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is scheduled for release 14th February 2014, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  1. It’s great to see some new footage! I love seeing Light standing in the mist of the light-show (lol). And yet, I’m curious about the “spirit” Light took from that soldier. In the Expo demo, Adonis has one too when you complete his quest. Does that make him a ghost? (I can understand if the soldier died, because Light’s taking his soul, but Adonis seemed…very much alive.)

    Also, I think the way they are incorporating the themes of life and death are very creative. I also like how they continue to reference the Norse mythos–first with Yggdrasil and now with Light leading the souls to the new world paints her somewhat like a Valkyrie…again. XD

    • Notice it looked like Lightning slammed him in the floor and then taking his soul (either that or my phone screen it to small to c all the action. Also she says that power came with a great price, wonder what that price was, her life?

    • Yeah i found that a little weird and a bit confusing with what happened to Adonis at the end – like a part of his soul – as you said – escaped? – maybe he was ‘freed’ from Chaos – so either he returned to his time/his normal self or that soul/mist was the Chaos inside him – and so you rid him of it? – ….or – just like how we found out about that ‘Eradia’ that LIghtning has to collect – maybe that mist is a part of it – by completing quests and the story you acquire some – we need more info on this! :0

  2. Kinda knew if Hope and Snow were no the head of the bandits, I knew it had to be Fang. This story though keeps getting more and more thick. Not going to lie though this story sounds freaky, crazy, and awesome (can’t wait). XD

    • Yeah, it *is* kind of strange. When I think of God I generally think of the JudeoChristian God; but in a Mythology class I took, we studied hymns to the various gods and goddesses, and Zeus was sometimes referred to as “God.” Although I wish Bhunivelze was called something else, I can see why they would address him this way.

  3. Wasnt expecting a new trailer :o
    Ahh so Fangs back – was wondering whether she would return – now we just need Sazh (and Vanille i guess…..)
    Also…..they shouldve designed new clothing for them – like how theyve changed Snow and Lightning – Noel, Hope, Fang and the others should have something different too :l – oh well

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