Final Fantasy VII

Get A Fancy Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper, Featuring New CGI Artwork

final_fantasy_vii_remake_wallpaper_2560x1440 has listed a re-release for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -Complete- on Blu-Ray. The movie will be available on October 4, alongside with a re-release of Final Fantasy: Spirit Within. 

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was originally released in 2005 and it was directed by Tetsuya Nomura, written by Kazushige Nojima, and produced by Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto. It continues the storyline of the original game: Two years have passed since peace was won, and the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices made to win that battle. But when a mysterious illness is linked to an insidious plot to resurrect an old enemy, Cloud must choose between the life of solitude he committed to or taking up the sword once more to save the planet he so loves.

The re-release comes with a new box art featuring new CGI artwork of Cloud and Sephiroth. To celebrate this, we created new wallpapers for your desktops and mobile devices! Enjoy!