Final Fantasy XIV

Lightning Returns Miqo’te Render and Screenshots Now in HQ

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  1. Hey, guys, calm down. I think it’s neat that she gets a medieval-fantasy garb option, but I agree that it doesn’t fit Lightning’s character (and I agree it just shows the creators like to sexify her contrary to her personality). For those of us who prefer her in more conservative attire (myself included), we will be able to dress her as such. So, no worries; you will be able to customize her appearance as you see fit. :)

    • I agree with stealth here. It’s an outfit, of the mass amounts we can choose. Square literally meant it when they said they were making Lightning fully customizable.Plus, This is it for Lightning…so it’s saying ”go nuts in this game!”

  2. Please let this be only in the Japanese release….cause I know I will never use this dress in battle no matter how hard it is cause it just makes Lightning look like a……….fetish creature of Toriyama and Square Enix….T_T

  3. … Thank you for ruining her with your sexist outfit. Really. Because no matter how strong a female character is, it all boils down to showing off her body, that’s all she means to you, how much money you’ll get by showing her off. Cool.

    • I could not agree more. Toriyama has ruined our image of who Lightning is supposed to be. She’s a warrior. She’s not supposed to act like a model or wear clothing similar to lingerie. She’s not supposed to let you observe her boobs with ease when she bends over a little. She’s a fighter! That’s she she changed her name to Lightning! Toriyama, have you really lost sight of who you want Lightning to be? Would you rather announce Lightning to be the heroine of FFXIII? Or would you rather announce that Lightnig is a slut?

    • What’s sexist is thinking that a “strong female character” (dumbest phrase ever) can’t wear whatever or can’t be sexy at all . That you be judgmental towards a female based on her attire.

    • How is it sexist? The outfit shows her body. Never once did it mention that she is an inferior character (being that she isn’t, you know… real). It’s a stereotypical sexual outfit, yes, but hell, it could be a turn off for some guys. If you don’t like the outfit, don’t wear it. If you don’t like what they did to the “strong female character, don’t play the game. It’s an outfit.

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