Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Facts: Hard Mode, Glory Points, Dungeons & Other

In the latest interview, with Dengeki Online, one of main developers of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Yuji Abe, revealed brand new details about the gameplay mechanics, glory points, world, modes and dungeons. It’s possible that Lightning Returns may be the most challenging Final Fantasy XIII game in the whole history of the game series!


  • You will earn Glory Points (GP) from battles and missions.
  • You can use GP to stop time, teleport to different locations and get extra time for giving them to Yggdrasil, a mysterious tree, that buy more time for the world before the end of the world.
  • Lightning’s statuses grow up outside battles and it’s possible to beat the game without spending much time on killing enemies.
  • It’s possible to get the best weapons at the beginning but buying them demands much gils and you won’t be easily able to afford them.10776E_fix
  • It’s possible to complete the game 100% on the first playthrough.
  • You can go where ever you want on the map.
  • The dungeons will have lots of variations.
  • You can move Lightning in real time in the battle zone and by hitting enemy’s weak spot you will gain special items and greatly weaken them.10784O_fix
  • When your attack hits and your opponent’s HP Gauge part undulates (knockout wave), you know that attack was a weak point of your enemy’s. Also, you can tell the outcome of attacks depending on the variations in the wave’s movement and color until they are knocked out.
  • Abilities such as cure and raise won’t be available as normal abilities but they will be available for use with Glory Points.
  • On Easy Mode the enemies are weak, you barely consume GP, and you recover HP when you are standing still on the field.
  • Hard Mode includes stronger enemies and additional elements.
  • If you continue to defeat the same enemies, they’ll become extinct. However, the last one of a species is extremely strong.Thanks for translating the article, Gematsu!

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  1. No its boring to beat the game 100% first try smh yall are slacking i understand focus on the open world,the 13 days,characters but this is on this gen consoles not no snes or reg playstation dont disappoint me plzzzz

  2. I think i’ll play this game on normal first like i always do – then go for hard – they didnt mention if you can change the difficulty at anytime during play or that with every playthrough – at the start you can change it – kinda like in Crisis Core

    ”If you continue to defeat the same enemies, they’ll become extinct. However, the last one of a species is extremely strong. ” – now that is interesting! – wonder what the limit is for each species – maybe the more common ones will be high and the rare are low – but….what if you need a specific no. of items dropped from an enemy – they become extinct and you still need more – do your items carry over to the next playthrough so you can continue to collect them? (i presume that on each playthrough the species no. will be reset – so no longer extinct)

    • Yeah, I think the amount of monsters per race is an intriguing concept. Let’s just hope we can get everything we need from each monster before they become extinct, lol! And yet, I guess there are certainly perks to going back in time! ;)

      • Maybe shops will also sell these items… I hear that you really don’t need to fight to progress, so I think there would be some alternate ways to get things.

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