Theatrhythm Club – Challenge Others & Make New Friends!


This is such an exciting week for the Final Fantasy fans, especially for the ones who admire the music of the series, because Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be out in North America and Europe this week. Alongside many new songs and updates, the game features a new mode called “Versus”, where you can challenge your friends for playful matches all over the world via Wi-Fi connection.

The new mode has inspired us to create a place, where you can find new friends and have fun with them while enjoying the amazing music of the Final Fantasy series. It’s simply called “THEATRHYTHM CLUB”! This post works as our “club room” and will be featured on the main page for a long time. You can also use it as a forum to freely discuss about the game and experiences with it. In the future, we will be arranging special tournaments for fun and glory, and perhaps someone may be able to sponsor prizes for the winners as well!


There are two ways to share your friend code and Nintendo ID: By posting a reply to the comment section or by tweeting the same information with the #SQPRCLUB hashtag on Twitter. After that you will be added to the list of players where others can find your Nintendo ID and friend code. Below you can see an example how to share your details:

Name: Square Portal
Nintendo ID: SquarePortal (Optional)

When you have added someone to your friend list, notify them by posting a comment! Remember to frequently visit this post for new playmates!


Name: Johnny (The Editor-in-Chief of Square Portal)
3DS Friend Code: 1204-0395-1569

Name: Light
NintendoID: CyberLightning
Friendcode: 3995 – 7583 – 7838

Name :San
NintendoiD: SanHoshi
3DS Friend Code : 3351-5305-9446

Name: Nilux
Nintendo ID: Nilux
3DS Friend Code: 4613-6218-2053

Name: Watte
3DS Friend Code: 4957-2821-4395

Name: Luis
Nintendo ID: LinkRoxas
3DS Friend Code: 0087 – 2632 – 7327

Name: Gabriel Leles
Nintendo ID: gabriel.leles
3DS Friend Code: 5155-4055-1232

Name: Andrew
Nintendo ID: Cloud9023
3DS Friend Code: 3325-3301-7143

Name: Terry
Nintendo ID: TheStoryBegins
3DS Friend Code: 3265-5085-5418

Name: Brittany
Nintendo ID: Burstbeat
3DS Friend Code:1504-5701-1751

Name: Hayley
Nintendo ID: Nv8FFX
3DS Friend Code: 1719-4338-2205

Name: Max
Nintendo ID: ShinRyu1701
3DS Friend Code: 1461-6377-3749

Name: Omegaflare
Nintendo ID: Omegaflare
3DS Friend Code: 4527-9703-5069

More to come!

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    • I am adding you soon! You can find my friend code from the post!

      Hey! Everyone, who adds my friend code, I would appreciate if you replied to this post, so I can add you back! Note that I will add everyone who are on the list at the moment! :)

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