The City of Insomnia Appears in New Final Fantasy XV Concept Art

In partnership with Southern Methodist University in Plano, Texas and University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Square Enix will be arranging special college lectures for students to learn directly from the company’s experienced Tokyo development team members. The first lecture was held yesterday and Yusuke Naora shared his personal experiences in the digital entertainment and video game industries. The second seminar, starring Kazuyuki Ikumori, will take place on March 12 at the USC campus. Both presentations are based on their work in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as well as other prominent Square Enix projects such as Final Fantasy XV.

As Final Fantasy Type-0 HD art director Yusuke Naora discussed about the visuals of the Final Fantasy series at SMU’s Guildhall satellite campus yesterday, he also showed new concept art from Final Fantasy XV, featuring the city of Niflheim, Lucis and monster designs. In one of the artworks, you can also see Niflheim written in the banners, suggesting it is likely located there. Major city designs also seem to be from the capital of Lucis, Imsomnia.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is scheduled for release on March 20 in Europe. The first print edition contains a download code for Final Fantasy XV demo, titled as Episode Duscae.




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