Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Character Wallpapers

Isn’t your current wallpaper really your Type? Are you feeling a bit Zero? Well, it’s time to cheer up and get that “a new year, a new wallpaper” attitude rocking the house. Square Enix has released new Final Fantasy Type-0 HD character wallpapers and more are coming soon! Actually, we are only missing Cinque and Sice wallpapers, but the collection should be finalized in the upcoming week. Since the size matters, all wallpapers are 2560×1440 at default and they should be easily downscaled to lower resolutions using the 16:9 format. (1280×720, 1920×1080, etc.)

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  1. Thank you for uploading in 1440p, that really does matter when your monitor is that res. :)

    Anyways I’m stoked for Type 0 and I’m sure to have a few of these a whirl.

    • I know right! It feels like it was just yesterday when they announced the title arriving for the new-generation consoles. I’m still surprised how they managed to hide it for so long, especially when there was quite enthusiastic fan campaigning going on for bringing the title to the West.

    • I’m happy to hear you liked them! Only two months left before the release and we are going to get new details, screenshots and trailers before that. Time sure flies when we get tons of information and other cool stuff!

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